Spring Day Hiking [Photo Album]

Ice melting on Lake Nipissing.

When I set myself a goal, if I put it in writing, I’m much more likely to achieve it. Posting my Hiking Hit List for this year didn’t so much feel like making a commitment than as making a reservation. I got super-excited to see some of the special spots I’d been dreaming about all winter, feeling like […]

Snowshoe Hiking in French River and Area [Photo Album]

Snowshoe hiking to French River's Récollet Falls surprised us — we expected the water to be frozen!

The snow’s pretty much all gone here and I doubt it’s really coming back for a while. That’s not counting the potential Easter road closures — it always has to happen when people have somewhere to be — or the usual April snowstorm and July hail. We managed to go snowshoe hiking in French River quite a bit, […]

Hiking in Ontario: Fave Photos [Album]

Marsh along Mashkinonje Provincial Park's Atakas Trail

This post of my favourite photos of hiking in Ontario has been a long time coming, but I figure it’s better than an album! And what better time than the holiday break to sort through old photos of hiking in Ontario and take a trip down memory lane? Pics of hiking in Ontario are from anytime between 2008 […]

Day-Tripping on the Shores of Lake Nipissing in Mashkinonje Park

Lake Nipissing from Coastal Trail, Mashkinonje Provincial Park

Needing to get away from it all even though it was raining, we made some trail mix (basically like our granola but without the biodynamic oats), packed some sandwiches made with our own fresh farm eggs, grabbed some hiking gear, and took off to go day-tripping on the shores of Lake Nipissing in Mashkinonje Park. We accessed the […]


Hiking Up Rib Mountain on the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail

Hiking up Rib Mountain provides plenty of beautiful scenery like this view looking down on Cliff Lake.

In the Temagami area, the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail follows the original paths of First Nations peoples, thousands of years old, through old growth forests, up mountains, along cliffs, and around lakes. We had seen billboards advertising it before and found all the info we needed, including PDF maps, on the Nastawgan Trails website. We decided that hiking up […]

Wakami Provincial Park Backcountry Trip

Every Wakami Provincial Park backcountry trip has to include some hiking to lookouts with great views such as this one.

Victoria Day weekend, we left Halfway Lake park, rejected by park wardens fearful of forest fires and evacuation notices nearby (the situation being fairly dire this dry season). Undeterred, we drove another few hours north and found a park that would let us into the backcountry. It wasn’t initially supposed to be a Wakami Provincial Park backcountry trip, […]

Walking For Wildlife

Wetland scenery from Martin Pond seen while walking for wildlife in Mashkinonje Provincial Park.

In honour of National Wildlife Week April 10-16, I joined the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Walk for Wildlife from April 10 until May 22, the International Day of Biodiversity. My goal was to walk a minimum of 50km kilometres and raise $500 or more for Canadian wildlife. To kick off the event, I hiked 10km kilometres in Mashkinonje Provincial […]

Upo Marsh Circuit Hike: Photo Journal of a Korea Wetland Keeper

The Upo Marsh circuit hike has a few strange sights, like these trees growing from the water.

Upo Marsh is a remote and rural yet nevertheless accessible destination. It’s a large wetland, so I figured that the Upo Marsh circuit hike would take me all afternoon or longer. Located in Gyeongsangnam-do, near Changnyeong, it’s an easy hour-long bus ride from Busan‘s Seobu terminal. Travelling on my own, I arrived in Changnyeong around noon and quickly […]

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