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Writer. Greeniac. Natural Nomad.

That’s me, Julie Dupuis! Continue reading below to learn about what I do here at Niackery, or get to know me better by reading my bio.


About JourNiackery

Travel and Trekking Jots and Shots

A travel and trekking blog focusing primarily on Northern Ontario generally and the French River – Lake Nipissing and Killarney areas specifically, JourNiackery chronicles my travels abroad and my staycations. In these sections, you can find useful and helpful topics to help with your next trip:

Travel and trekking are a huge part of the inspiration for the Niackery Eco Footprint. Discover why travel and trekking go together

About Green Niackery

Earth-Friendly Living in Northern Ontario

Green Niackery is about walking the path to an Earth-friendlier lifestyle, providing profiles of Northern Ontario’s local businesses and products and other eco-friendly tips to help find natural alternatives to everyday needs. Topics include:

Since sustainability starts at home, Green Niackery focuses heavily on the Earth-friendly businesses and products of Northern Ontario. Residents of the Sudbury – North Bay – Parry Sound triangle and surrounding areas will especially find the Green Shopping Guide useful, as the listings are updated with every new post.

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About MiscellaNiackery

This and That

I also write about a MiscellaNiackery of other topics:


What’s Niackery Anyway?

The term was originally inspired by an article I read in which a climate change denier used the word “greeniac” in an attempt to discredit the environmental movement, but I instantly related to it. I liked it — and still do — because it’s so obviously ridiculous when you think about it. I apparently suffer from the unfortunate condition of caring for the planet and the health of its inhabitants!

I chose to make a mockery of it all with Green Niackery. And since being a natural nomad is a key aspect of my green lifestyle, it only made sense to apply the term to JourNiackery as well, and to create the Niackery brand.

Professional Services

Writing and editing are my specialties! Find out how I can help, and what others have said about my work… See my published articles for samples of what I can do for you.

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