Absolutely the Most Delicious Strawberries at Ruby Berry Farm

Ruby Berry Farm strawberry close-up.

For the past two years, we’ve been picking our berries in Chelmsford. For those living in the Sudbury area, Ruby Berry Farm is a really great nearby option. We couldn’t be happier with our strawberries, and we’re definitely going back next year! We decided that we would start picking berries in Chelmsford because many of the farms closer […]

Dehydrating Berries and Other Fruit: 10 DIY Tips

Fresh, wild blueberries spread out on a dehydrator tray, ready to be dried.

We’ve lately been busy picking berries, as is usual for us in the summer. We’re actually our biggest customers, and that’s because we don’t stop at freezing or canning our berries. Dehydrating berries for a winter supply is one of our top priorities in the summer. Since we make our own granola, granola bars, trail mix, and other […]

Colourful Berries in Red, Blue, and Black [Photo Album]

Two large red wintergreen berries hang from a leafy stem.

We take a lot of pictures of berries when we’re berry picking, and a lot of them are really nice! The following photos are mostly from this year, though I couldn’t help including a few older ones to round off the album. Strawberries Some of these photos of strawberries were taken last year at Leisure Farms in Sturgeon […]

Picking Blueberries Along Lake Nipissing and In Sudbury

Picking blueberries in the hot sunshine...

Last year, in an article called Blueberry Picking Bush Hikes in Sudbury, I jokingly lamented the hiking time we sacrifice to picking blueberries. It was actually an introductory post to my wild blueberry picking tips, but it included details of our experience picking blueberries in Sudbury which I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. We’re picking blueberries closer […]

Season’s Pickings: The Cranberries and Apples of Fall

Wild cranberries in wet moss.

For the second year in a row, we’ve had a tough time finding a good spot for cranberries. We didn’t even get any at all last year! This autumn, the search seemed rather fruitless (pardon the pun). We went to Theodore Fouriezos Wetlands Park in Sturgeon Falls, but nada! When we had called for information, we’d been told […]

Excuse Me, But I Am NOT Immoral For Picking Blueberries!

Big blueberries!

Every blogger is happy to wake up to a WordPress notification that someone has quoted or commented on one of their blog posts. Usually. But when I found out that I had been misquoted and unjustifiably called immoral, I was less than pleased. Not long ago, I published a post about how, during the summer months, my partner […]

Picking Them Wild and Hardy: Blackberries and Black Currants

Blackberries hanging from a branch.

Even though blueberries are still going strong, we occasionally need a change of scenery. But still wanting more berries to get us through the winter, we remembered an afternoon last year which had been spent picking blackberries even though blueberries had been the objective of the trip. Since growing conditions have been better all-around this year, we headed […]

Walking Sudbury’s Rainbow Routes

Walking Sudbury's Rainbow Routes can lead to this gazebo on Blueberry Hill

Sometimes, when we go blueberry picking for an entire weekend, we find ourselves with spare time to kill in the evenings. You’d think that since we’re in the heart of the city, we’d take advantage of having access to restaurants, theatres, pubs, or events. But instead, we use the opportunity to visit the city’s green spaces by walking […]

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