How to Make the Best Natural Bug Spray Recipe with Kombucha Vinegar

We bring our natural bug spray on every hiking and camping trip!

Every spring, we’re happy to see the sunshine return, for the days to lengthen, and the warmth to tempt us outdoors. But the first few months of the season can be tough to enjoy, when the bugs are out in full swing, bringing annoyance and discomfort. Of course there are some pretty powerful bug sprays out there, but […]

15+ Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Ideas

Eco-friendly bathroom cleaning starts with the sink.

Cleaning the bathroom isn’t always the easiest or most fun chore, but eco-friendly bathroom cleaning takes a lot of the hard work and ick factor out of it. In my last post, I introduced cleaning green with vinegar, baking soda, and kombucha vinegar. If you haven’t already, you should check it out to learn about how these ingredients […]

Cleaning Green: Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Kombucha

Cleaning green with a jar of kombucha vinegar.

There are various levels of cleaning green, from buying store-bought eco-friendly (or greenwashed) products to making your own cleaners with the purest of natural and organic ingredients. I’m going to cover eco-friendly commercial products and specific DIY recipes later. For now, I’m focusing on the bare bones: cleaning green with vinegar, baking soda, and kombucha. Vinegar and baking […]

Fun with Kombucha Tea: Yummy Recipes, Creative Ideas

Have fun with kombucha tea by trying something creative with a spare SCOBY!

With Easter already upon us and spring supposedly here, it’s a good time to bring up little-known but really fun uses for kombucha SCOBYs. It’s high time to start planning for spring gatherings and summer parties, too. This Easter weekend offers just the right opportunity to test out some of these great kombucha tips and to have fun […]

Kombucha Revisited: Correcting Misconceptions (Including My Own)

A cup of my homemade kombucha tea sitting pretty as I explain some common misconceptions about kombucha tea.

After about thirty months of consuming kombucha tea on an almost daily basis, I can still confidently attest to its beneficial properties and recommend it without hesitation to healthy individuals looking to regulate their metabolism, improve their digestion, restore their intestinal health, revitalise their energy levels, and boost their immune system. A few times now I’ve posted advice […]

Kombucha Tea 201: Tips and Tools

Glass of kombucha tea wrapped in a red, white, and green striped holiday bow.

I’m not much of one to equate the New Year with new beginnings, bummed as I get by snow and darkness, which is maybe the reason why half-hearted resolutions never work for me. This year, though, I feel like looking forward to the future’s opportunities is somehow more meaningful. Perhaps having entered the Age of Aquarius has already […]

Naturally Sweet Dreams: Red Berries, Brown Eggs, Minty Kombucha, and Apple Granola

Strawberries can bring on sweet dreams, too.

Some things are addictive to the point of obsession. You know what I mean if you’ve ever sat in front of a computer or game console long enough. Ever had Tetris shapes float before your eyes the moment you close them for some shuteye? Marc was being taunted by luscious red raspberries the other night. Very sweet dreams. […]

Kombucha 101: Benefits and Preparation

A fermented SCOBY is what gives kombucha tea its nutritional benefits.

I got my first kombucha culture from my uncle. A good many of my relatives have always made the most of nature’s bounty, especially easy around here since we all spend so much time out in the bush. My uncle ordered the kombucha online, though. His kombucha culture had a baby, which he gave to me once mature. […]