How To Make Dehydrated Yogurt For a Yummy, Healthy Snack

Vanilla yogurt spread out on a dehydrator sauce sheet.

Quite a few years ago now, I began experimenting with dehydrating foods such as our own hand-picked berries. At first, one of our main uses for the dried berries was to make trail mix for our backcountry trips. But I soon realized that I could easily diversify the foods we eat while out on the trail by making […]

How to Make the Best Natural Bug Spray Recipe with Kombucha Vinegar

We bring our natural bug spray on every hiking and camping trip!

Every spring, we’re happy to see the sunshine return, for the days to lengthen, and the warmth to tempt us outdoors. But the first few months of the season can be tough to enjoy, when the bugs are out in full swing, bringing annoyance and discomfort. Of course there are some pretty powerful bug sprays out there, but […]

15+ Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Ideas

Eco-friendly bathroom cleaning starts with the sink.

Cleaning the bathroom isn’t always the easiest or most fun chore, but eco-friendly bathroom cleaning takes a lot of the hard work and ick factor out of it. In my last post, I introduced cleaning green with vinegar, baking soda, and kombucha vinegar. If you haven’t already, you should check it out to learn about how these ingredients […]

Cleaning Green: Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Kombucha

Cleaning green with a jar of kombucha vinegar.

There are various levels of cleaning green, from buying store-bought eco-friendly (or greenwashed) products to making your own cleaners with the purest of natural and organic ingredients. I’m going to cover eco-friendly commercial products and specific DIY recipes later. For now, I’m focusing on the bare bones: cleaning green with vinegar, baking soda, and kombucha. Vinegar and baking […]

Fun with Kombucha Tea: Yummy Recipes, Creative Ideas

Have fun with kombucha tea by trying something creative with a spare SCOBY!

With Easter already upon us and spring supposedly here, it’s a good time to bring up little-known but really fun uses for kombucha SCOBYs. It’s high time to start planning for spring gatherings and summer parties, too. This Easter weekend offers just the right opportunity to test out some of these great kombucha tips and to have fun […]

Potluck Holidays: Savoury Pies from Frozen Garden Vegetables

Mixed Veggie Pie with Mashed Potato and Beet Top Crust

I just found out that one of the holiday season gatherings I’ll be attending this year will be a potluck meal. That’s awesome! I hardly ever get to cook for anyone, so this is a lot of fun for me. I only wondered what to make for about a second and a half, maybe two seconds. As soon […]

What the Crust? The Pie’s the Limit!

A slice of mixed veggie pie with mashed potato and red beet top crust, and a slice of meat pie, both siting on a small side plate.

Most people bake a lot before the holidays. Not me. I never have any company so other than helping my mother with her pie crusts, I don’t usually give it much thought. But this year, the week before Christmas, we realised we’d miscalculated how many of our fresh farm eggs to save. We knew we should use them […]

Nourishing Place and People At LoonSong Garden: Biodynamic Grains From Manitoulin Island

Grain fields of LoonSong Garden set against a stunning clear blue sky

The special ingredient for many of our recipes is no secret — biodynamic rolled oats from LoonSong Garden in Little Current. I used to hate oatmeal, up until a few years ago when we began buying LoonSong Garden’s local rolled oats. Now, it’s a clear favourite. Whether we’re backpacking or car camping when picking blueberries, Marc and I […]

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