Absolutely the Most Delicious Strawberries at Ruby Berry Farm

Ruby Berry Farm strawberry close-up.

For the past two years, we’ve been picking our berries in Chelmsford. For those living in the Sudbury area, Ruby Berry Farm is a really great nearby option. We couldn’t be happier with our strawberries, and we’re definitely going back next year! We decided that we would start picking berries in Chelmsford because many of the farms closer […]

How To Make Dehydrated Yogurt For a Yummy, Healthy Snack

Vanilla yogurt spread out on a dehydrator sauce sheet.

Quite a few years ago now, I began experimenting with dehydrating foods such as our own hand-picked berries. At first, one of our main uses for the dried berries was to make trail mix for our backcountry trips. But I soon realized that I could easily diversify the foods we eat while out on the trail by making […]

How to Make the Best Natural Bug Spray Recipe with Kombucha Vinegar

We bring our natural bug spray on every hiking and camping trip!

Every spring, we’re happy to see the sunshine return, for the days to lengthen, and the warmth to tempt us outdoors. But the first few months of the season can be tough to enjoy, when the bugs are out in full swing, bringing annoyance and discomfort. Of course there are some pretty powerful bug sprays out there, but […]

Dehydrating Berries and Other Fruit: 10 DIY Tips

Fresh, wild blueberries spread out on a dehydrator tray, ready to be dried.

We’ve lately been busy picking berries, as is usual for us in the summer. We’re actually our biggest customers, and that’s because we don’t stop at freezing or canning our berries. Dehydrating berries for a winter supply is one of our top priorities in the summer. Since we make our own granola, granola bars, trail mix, and other […]

Lush Demystified: Top Natural Products, Shopping Tips

A variety of colourful Lush soaps displayed attractively in reusable tins.

Things over at Lush can be a little confusing for the green shopper. The company seems so eco-conscious, and everything is fresh and handmade. But then again, some of the ingredients aren’t natural or safe. At Lush, eco-shoppers need to be careful, but they can still find many great products. It’s time to have Lush demystified. Lush is […]

Better Beer: 8 to Avoid and Other Options

Options for better beer: bottles displayed in a store cooler

Ick. Beer may not be tops on the usual list of healthy foods, but the ingredients I just read about are horrendous. I expected some of them, like high fructose corn syrup, caramel colouring, and MSG. But fish bladder? GMOs? BPA? See the full list of nasty additives, plus the 8 beers to avoid, and many alternative choices: […]

Kombucha Revisited: Correcting Misconceptions (Including My Own)

A cup of my homemade kombucha tea sitting pretty as I explain some common misconceptions about kombucha tea.

After about thirty months of consuming kombucha tea on an almost daily basis, I can still confidently attest to its beneficial properties and recommend it without hesitation to healthy individuals looking to regulate their metabolism, improve their digestion, restore their intestinal health, revitalise their energy levels, and boost their immune system. A few times now I’ve posted advice […]

Kernal Peanuts: Tasty, Healthy Snacks Grown Locally

Bowl of Kernal Peanuts (shelled, unsalted)

Finding local nuts isn’t something we generally think of doing in Ontario — and we’re right not to try too hard. But the peanut isn’t a nut, though it’s eaten just like one. It’s a legume — the kind we can get as close by as Norfolk County near the shores of Lake Erie, from Kernal Peanuts. We’ve […]

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