Ontario Craft Beer to Try this Summer: Five Local Brews You’ll Love

Try Ontario craft beer for a refreshing change this summer...

Ever since I first wrote about Ontario craft beer last year, I’ve been reading up to learn more about the province’s microbreweries and their products. I already mentioned in Beat the Heat with Local Craft Beer: Five Ontario Microbreweries why local shoppers, greeniacs, and beer lovers should buy Ontario craft beer. Now I’m incredibly indebted to Ben’s Beer […]

Better Beer: 8 to Avoid and Other Options

Options for better beer: bottles displayed in a store cooler

Ick. Beer may not be tops on the usual list of healthy foods, but the ingredients I just read about are horrendous. I expected some of them, like high fructose corn syrup, caramel colouring, and MSG. But fish bladder? GMOs? BPA? See the full list of nasty additives, plus the 8 beers to avoid, and many alternative choices: […]

New from Stack Brewing: Sudbury-Style Craft Beer

Stack Brewing growler and grumbler

I was pretty stoked last summer to be able to include a local Sudbury microbrewery on my list of Ontario craft beers, even though Stack Brewing beer wasn’t available for sale yet. I mentioned then that I couldn’t wait to try it — and I’ve had ample opportunity to sample some (lots) since :)(smiley face). Beer fans, greeniacs, […]

Beat the Heat with Local Craft Beer: Five Ontarian Microbreweries

Glass of beer

With summer heat coming on full force and Canada Day weekend approaching, many of us have started thinking about stocking up on refreshments, and a stop at the LCBO or The Beer Store is on most of our lists. We think about buying our food locally at the grocery store because we’re conscious of health and nutrition, but […]