Northern Ontario Green Shopping Guide — Buying Local

Wondering where to shop for local and Earth-friendly products in Northern Ontario? The search is over now that you’ve found this green shopping guide!

Use this Northern Ontario Green Shopping Guide to find local and eco-friendly products and businesses servicing this part of the province.



North Bay

Sturgeon Falls

French River and West Nipissing

  • Dalew Farms — Community-Sponsored Agriculture in West Nipissing

Parry Sound


Featured Profiles

Make sure to check out these articles about specific local companies and products:

Absolutely the Most Delicious Strawberries at Ruby Berry Farm

Ruby Berry Farm strawberry close-up. For the best-tasting strawberries, visit Ruby Berry Farm, a great option for pick-your-own and pre-picked berries in Chelmsford :)

Lush Demystified: Top Natural Products, Shopping Tips

A variety of colourful Lush soaps displayed attractively in reusable tins. Lush is confusing. It seems eco-conscious, with fresh handmade products, but some ingredients aren’t natural or safe. It’s time to have Lush demystified.

New from Stack Brewing: Sudbury-Style Craft Beer

Stack Brewing growler and grumbler Beer fans, greeniacs & locavores will love the amazing beers by Stack Brewing (for their own reasons surely) & each will appreciate the flavourful variety.

Kernal Peanuts: Tasty, Healthy Snacks Grown Locally

Bowl of Kernal Peanuts (shelled, unsalted) We don't usually think of trying to find local nuts. But the peanut isn’t a nut, it’s a legume — which we can get as close by as Ontario's Kernal Peanuts.

Certified Organic Beauty From The Green Beaver Company: Personal Care Made Safe

Green Beaver toothpaste (green apple and frosty mint flavours) I prefer using solid products for water conservation reasons, but for a few things, I still mostly choose liquids. In those cases, I’m a Green Beaver gal.

Keeping Honey Bees At Creekbend Farm

Bee carrying pollen in the center amid other bees. Dan & Tracy Séguin of Creekbend Farm may be better-known for the maple syrup partnership Sucrerie Séguin SugarBush, but they’re just as passionate for bees.

Vermicomposting With Help From Friendly Worm Guy

Newly mixed bin contents We've kept worms in our kitchen since a vermicomposting workshop by Friendly Worm Guy. We've grown to respect them, if not quite love them, as much as pets.

Boreal Forest Teas: Sip Happy, Sip Healthy

Northern Lights tea beside by an elegant tea setting. With a growing local food movement, we're reacquiring traditional knowledge, learning that tea isn't an exotic import, as Ontario's Boreal Forest Teas shows

Plain Jane Soap: Natural Luxury

Plain Jane Soap solid shampoo bars, no packaging. Plain Jane Soap hand-makes its natural and luxurious bar soaps. Preservative-free and unpackaged or lightly packaged, they're made of many local products.

Interview with Andrea Gregoire of Pique Passion Mosaics: Upcycling for Art, Earth, and Hearth

Mosaic by Andrea Gregoire of Pique Passion Mosaics A self-taught artist, Andrea Gregoire of Pique Passion Mosaics discusses work & life as an earth-friendly artist who applies principles of upcycling to art.

Nourishing Place and People At LoonSong Garden: Biodynamic Grains From Manitoulin Island

Grain fields of LoonSong Garden set against a stunning clear blue sky I used to hate oatmeal but now it's a favourite, as are granola and homemade bars. The key ingredient is no secret: LoonSong Garden biodynamic rolled oats.

Local Food at Dalew Farms: Community Sponsored Agriculture

Dalew Farms food bin In French River, we're lucky to live so close to Dalew Farms, an organic farm owned and operated by Dave and Chantal Lewington that offers local CSA shares.