How To Make Dehydrated Yogurt For a Yummy, Healthy Snack

Vanilla yogurt spread out on a dehydrator sauce sheet.

Quite a few years ago now, I began experimenting with dehydrating foods such as our own hand-picked berries. At first, one of our main uses for the dried berries was to make trail mix for our backcountry trips. But I soon realized that I could easily diversify the foods we eat while out on the trail by making […]

Dehydrating Berries and Other Fruit: 10 DIY Tips

Fresh, wild blueberries spread out on a dehydrator tray, ready to be dried.

We’ve lately been busy picking berries, as is usual for us in the summer. We’re actually our biggest customers, and that’s because we don’t stop at freezing or canning our berries. Dehydrating berries for a winter supply is one of our top priorities in the summer. Since we make our own granola, granola bars, trail mix, and other […]

Vegetarian Pie Baking Day

Zucchini Pie

The last time we made savoury vegetarian pies, we ended up buying too much vegetable shortening, and so we’d been planning to have another vegetarian pie baking session. And with the season’s new harvest approaching, we needed to use up some of the garden veggies we still have left in our freezer. Last week, we got out the […]

Ontario Craft Beer to Try this Summer: Five Local Brews You’ll Love

Try Ontario craft beer for a refreshing change this summer...

Ever since I first wrote about Ontario craft beer last year, I’ve been reading up to learn more about the province’s microbreweries and their products. I already mentioned in Beat the Heat with Local Craft Beer: Five Ontario Microbreweries why local shoppers, greeniacs, and beer lovers should buy Ontario craft beer. Now I’m incredibly indebted to Ben’s Beer […]

Better Beer: 8 to Avoid and Other Options

Options for better beer: bottles displayed in a store cooler

Ick. Beer may not be tops on the usual list of healthy foods, but the ingredients I just read about are horrendous. I expected some of them, like high fructose corn syrup, caramel colouring, and MSG. But fish bladder? GMOs? BPA? See the full list of nasty additives, plus the 8 beers to avoid, and many alternative choices: […]

Freezer Cooking Week: Savoury Vegetarian Pies

One of our favourite savoury vegetable pies is this Root Vegetable Pie.

There was a week in December when I thought my rolling pin was a natural extension of my arm — Go-Go-Gadget Rolling Pin! We were busy making all kinds of savoury vegetarian pies, mostly to freeze and some for holiday meals. Things didn’t work out quite like we imagined, but our pies are all delicious so we think […]

Reflections of an Ethical Eater: A Time of Transition

Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically, by Julie Dupuis.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my ethical eating habits lately. Sure, it’s the New Year and everyone’s given to introspection, but I don’t think that’s why. It’s an interesting time for me right now for four reasons, and it just happens to coincide with this annual time of reflection. Each of these reasons involves a change in […]

New from Stack Brewing: Sudbury-Style Craft Beer

Stack Brewing growler and grumbler

I was pretty stoked last summer to be able to include a local Sudbury microbrewery on my list of Ontario craft beers, even though Stack Brewing beer wasn’t available for sale yet. I mentioned then that I couldn’t wait to try it — and I’ve had ample opportunity to sample some (lots) since :)(smiley face). Beer fans, greeniacs, […]

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