What the Crust? The Pie’s the Limit!

A slice of mixed veggie pie with mashed potato and red beet top crust, and a slice of meat pie, both siting on a small side plate.

Most people bake a lot before the holidays. Not me. I never have any company so other than helping my mother with her pie crusts, I don’t usually give it much thought. But this year, the week before Christmas, we realised we’d miscalculated how many of our fresh farm eggs to save. We knew we should use them […]

Greening the Lunch Box: Waste-Free and Healthy Lunch Ideas for School or Work

A healthy waste-free lunch idea for everyone: homemade organic granola bars!

Simplicity is a necessity when packing lunch, whether choosing something healthy the kids will actually eat or quickly grabbing something to take along to work. Fortunately, going waste-free is easy on the wallet, and it’s good for your family’s health and the environment’s. Waste-free lunches replace toxin-laden disposable products with safer reusable ones that don’t leach into foods. […]

Boreal Forest Teas: Sip Happy, Sip Healthy

Northern Lights tea beside by an elegant tea setting.

When you close your eyes and picture yourself taking a deep breath over a steaming cup of tea, you imagine a relaxing moment, whether the setting you conjure involves sitting at a window side on a rainy spring day, reading by a lakeside early on a bright summer morning, strolling through colourful countryside on a crisp autumn afternoon, […]

Stirred to Explore Granola: Containing Edible Profits and Blue Fruits of Labour

Homemade granola

It’s been a busy summer, as they all are, but this one’s been particularly hectic for Marc and I, juggling our jobs with farm work (including selling our fresh eggs and extra veggies or pickling all the extra cucumbers we planted), berry picking, making large batches of kombucha (now with fair trade green tea), and (gasp) a bit […]


Nourishing Place and People At LoonSong Garden: Biodynamic Grains From Manitoulin Island

Grain fields of LoonSong Garden set against a stunning clear blue sky

The special ingredient for many of our recipes is no secret — biodynamic rolled oats from LoonSong Garden in Little Current. I used to hate oatmeal, up until a few years ago when we began buying LoonSong Garden’s local rolled oats. Now, it’s a clear favourite. Whether we’re backpacking or car camping when picking blueberries, Marc and I […]

Naturally Sweet Dreams: Red Berries, Brown Eggs, Minty Kombucha, and Apple Granola

Strawberries can bring on sweet dreams, too.

Some things are addictive to the point of obsession. You know what I mean if you’ve ever sat in front of a computer or game console long enough. Ever had Tetris shapes float before your eyes the moment you close them for some shuteye? Marc was being taunted by luscious red raspberries the other night. Very sweet dreams. […]

Wwoofing at Home: The Local Life

One branch, four apples, still green...

Marc and I spent May long weekend hiking on the Height of Land trail and canoeing on Wakami Lake, but we spent the last one working in the garden. We’ve got a neat little arrangement this summer — we’re working on my parents’ micro farm in exchange for accommodations. Kind of like wwoofing at home, except we get […]

Local Food at Dalew Farms: Community Sponsored Agriculture

Dalew Farms food bin

We’re still unsure about whether we’ll be moving in the spring; so until I know for sure that I’ll get to plant a garden this year, I’m exploring other options. In French River, we’re lucky to live so close to Dalew Farms, an organic farm owned and operated by Dave and Chantal Lewington. Dalew Farms offers a Community […]

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