Les écrits d’Aurélien Dupuis | Writings of Aurélien Dupuis

Julien, une biographie romantisée par Aurélien Dupuis.

(English version follows) Voici que j’écris mon premier article en français depuis très longtemps. Quoique je sois plus à l’aise de rédiger en anglais, j’aborde à l’instant un sujet mieux discuté dans ma langue maternelle. Mon grand-oncle Aurélien Dupuis, un homme de grandes réalisations, ouvert d’esprit et passionné de la nature, m’a récemment fait parvenir une boîte de […]

Culture Days Land of the Voyageurs Studio Tour

I heart culture

le français suit Culture Days was created in 2010 to “raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities.” The French River Cultural Industries Council Inc., which celebrates and promotes the arts and cultures of the Francophone, Métis, First Nations, and Anglophone populations of the French-River Nipissing corridor, joined […]

A Short Moment of Peace

Sugar bush scene

by Annie Hébert It is early spring; my husband and I are at the bush camp, or what we French Canadians fondly refer to as la cabane à sucre, or “sugar shack.” Today is one of those glorious late March spring days where the mercury will likely climb to 9 or 10° degrees Celsius. The snow is melting […]

FPQ Complete Collection 1 and Memories of a Carnivore

FPQ Complete Collection 1 (2011)

Following the release of the stand-alone e-book and the mini-collection Found Press Quarterly 2 last spring, Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically is now also available as part of FPQ Complete Collection 1: 2011, an amazing sixteen-story collection! This e-book download includes short stories by Caroline Adderson, Meghan Rose Allen, Jack Bootle, Cynthia Flood, Andrew Forbes, […]


Childhood Home(s)town

A home.

Nervousness and excitement and curiosity and a lust for adventure. Those are the emotions I remember feeling. And I remember why. I was going to have a baby sister, so we were moving from our apartment on Barrydowne Road and we were going to live in a house with ghosts. Murder-suicide. White siding. The small round kitchen table […]

Five Things Literary in Sudbury: Open Book Ontario

Open Book Ontario logo

Very cool! I was recently asked to write a little blurb about five things literary in Sudbury for Open Book Ontario! If you want to discover Sudbury’s literary side, here are a few good places to start. Terra north/nord Sudbury’s poet laureate, Roger Nash, launched a literary eZine in 2010. Terra north/nord publishes poems, short fiction, book reviews, […]

FPQ2 and Memories of a Carnivore

FPQ 2 — Spring 2011

Besides being a stand-alone single, my new e-book, Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically, is also available as part of FPQ2: Spring 2011, a great four-piece collection! With short stories by Don McLellan, Meghan Rose Allen, Jack Bootle, and yours truly, Julie Dupuis, this e-book download is a steal at only $5.99. is the second of […]

Memories of a Carnivore: A Vegetarian in Korea

Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically, by Julie Dupuis.

While I was in Korea, I wrote most of a book. I had to sit on it, go back to it, let it go through its process (which took a lot longer than most of the writing did). At the time, I didn’t know it was a book. I suspected it might be, but I never dreamed that […]