Unique Ideas for Celebrating the Holidays in the North

Traditional holiday greeting card for celebrating the holidays, featuring St. Nicholas on skis.

Most of us tend to spend the holidays visiting with family and friends, though some people like to travel, since for many, this is also vacation time. Either way, sometimes it’s hard to come up with something different to do, especially for special occasions. If you’ll be celebrating the holidays in the North, here are some festive ideas […]

Landscapes of the Killarney Area

Landscapes of the Killarney Area: Scenery from Local Hiking Trails

If you’ve been following JourNiackery for a while, then you know how much I love the Killarney area. Just maybe, it’s even possible that you started following JourNiackery because of my Killarney articles! And perhaps there are a few of my photos that have stayed with you along the way. Well, now for a limited time only, I’m […]

Triple the Fun at Dokis Summerfest

Dokis Summerfest Logo 2013

Imagine hitting a single while a live band plays a cover of the latest hit single in the background. That’s the atmosphere the participants of Dokis Summerfest get to enjoy every year. Since 2011, this annual community event has been rocking a July weekend with family-friendly activities that have been attracting more and more people. The grounds of […]

Meaningful Brand Icons From Unique Tattoos

Niackery Elements logo — Design by Julie @Niackery, with modifications by Tia Tanguay

My attachment to my tattoos goes more than skin deep. Using them as brand icons isn’t something I planned, but I’m sure happy with how things have turned out! I’ve been using my Eco-Footprint tattoo as my brand icon for almost five years now, and it’s always served me well, ever since it was designed for me and […]


Armand et Ginette ou Le plaisir d’aimer: Nouveau roman par Aurélien Dupuis | New Novel

Armand et Ginette, ou Le plaisir d'aimer — un nouveau roman par Aurélien Dupuis.

(English version follows) Sudbury, le 23 avril 2014 : Le Centre FORA (Centre franco-ontarien de ressources en alphabétisation) est fier de présenter le nouveau roman d’Aurélien Dupuis, intitulé Armand et Ginette ou Le plaisir d’aimer. C’est l’histoire de deux jeunes pensionnaires à Sudbury en 1957, qui tombent en amour, mais font face à un obstacle : Armand, étudiant […]

A Look Beyond With Medium Jay Lane

Medium Jay Lane

Ever heard of a medium who has to fake the truth to get people to believe her? Picture this: A 17-year-old reads tarot cards to her friends because without the cards, they don’t believe her message. Then one day, someone comes along who believes her words, but knows they are completely unrelated to the cards in front of […]

Les écrits d’Aurélien Dupuis | Writings of Aurélien Dupuis

Julien, une biographie romantisée par Aurélien Dupuis.

(English version follows) Voici que j’écris mon premier article en français depuis très longtemps. Quoique je sois plus à l’aise de rédiger en anglais, j’aborde à l’instant un sujet mieux discuté dans ma langue maternelle. Mon grand-oncle Aurélien Dupuis, un homme de grandes réalisations, ouvert d’esprit et passionné de la nature, m’a récemment fait parvenir une boîte de […]

Country In The Woods Music Festival Tickets Giveaway!

Country In the Woods Music Festival poster

It’s going to be hot in Parry Sound next week! Country In The Woods Music Festival is hosting a superb 100% Canadian line-up from July 26th to 28th at the Foley Fairgrounds, including performances by Gil Grand, Doc Walker, Jason McCoy, Larry Berrio, and 15 other great country music acts! And if it’s the full country experience you’re […]

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