A Look Beyond With Medium Jay Lane — Profile and Interview

Ever heard of a medium who has to fake the truth to get people to believe her? Picture this: A 17-year-old reads tarot cards to her friends because without the cards, they don’t believe her message. Then one day, someone comes along who believes her words, but knows they are completely unrelated to the cards in front of her, and calls her on it.

Photo of Medium Jay Lane by Marg Seregelyi
Photo of Medium Jay Lane by Marg Seregelyi

Medium Jay Lane has been given a special gift, one she enjoys sharing with others. As her beginnings show, she is naturally a performer, and Jay's insightful talent lends itself well to live public audience readings.

Jay doesn't need to fake reading tarot cards anymore, thankfully. Since officially launching her business in 2011, she's gained international recognition as a medium. The road wasn't easy, but Jay couldn't be happier with where her life has taken her.
It all started at the age of nine, when Jay saw her first spirit in a grocery store. She caused such a ruckus that her father punished her. Though Jay says she didn’t understand what was wrong, she knew she was different.

But where does Jay’s gift come from? In all likelihood, Jay’s abilities are inherent, but no one knew until the age of four, when a drowning accident released her sense of clairaudience.

Watch this video to hear Medium Jay Lane tell the tale of her drowning accident:

Having been raised by a Métis tea leaf reading mother, Jay was often persecuted while growing up. “Kids can be cruel,” she says. She was taunted, called the child of a witch, or told she was crazy. Even her teachers made fun of her. One nun told her, at age 12, that she would surely be going to Hell. But despite past obstacles, Jay is absolutely devoted to helping others connect with their loved ones.

After Jay’s mother passed away in 2010, her true life calling became apparent. Jay found the strength to overcome the harassment that plagued her by remembering her mother’s words: “You come here with nothing and you leave here with the same. Who cares what people think of you?”
Medium Jay Lane

Even though she only had a few years left to retire from a long career as a public servant, Jay resigned from her position to commit herself to mediumship full time.

And full time it is! Jay is incredibly busy, receiving hundreds of emails and telephone calls weekly. But she can’t get to them all. She’s booked up offering individual, group, and Skype sessions, and event-based audience readings. “I’m mentally and physically exhausted,” she says, “because it’s so emotionally draining to do so many readings. But,” says Jay, “I really enjoy it and would never trade it for the world!”

That’s because Jay gets the most satisfaction out of the closure people get through connections only she can establish. “People say I changed their lives,” says Jay, “but I just think I changed the way they see things.”

Jay has also embarked on a few related projects, and though she can’t reveal much yet, she’s planning television and radio appearances, and writing a book. She’s also working with Gregory Tremblay on a documentary about the life of a medium.

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The big question is, what’s Medium Jay Lane’s secret? It’s not a simple answer. Jay uses multiples senses to channel spirits:

  • Claircognizance (sense of knowing)
  • Clairsentience (touch or feeling)
  • Clairaudience (hearing)
  • Clairgustance (taste)
  • Clairvoyance (sight)
  • Clairalience (smell)

Basically, other than seeing or hearing spirits, Jay might smell or taste something associated with one. She once smelled cigars and her client realised it was the spirit of her grandfather. Another time, she could taste salt and her client told her she had accidentally poured too much salt on her meal. And then sometimes, she just knows.

Medium Jay Lane

As a result, Jay doesn’t tend to use too many mediumship tools. Even though she doesn’t do it often, Jay learned long ago to read tarot cards properly. She may have been embarrassed to have been caught out, but she was also encouraged to use her gifts for what they are. She now prefers to use tools such as candles or crystals to create a positive mood at the beginning of a session, or to perform a smudging to help the spirits come through. But mostly Jay relies on her senses of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance to connect with those who have passed away.

So what can folks expect at audience readings, where privacy and intimacy don’t factor into the setting? “A good time!” Jay laughs. “The loudest and most flamboyant spirits will speak first,” she promises. Renowned for her positive style, Jay keeps things light and puts on a fun, relaxed show. And since Jay used to sing in a band, she’s guaranteed to entertain!

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