31 Scary Reasons Canadians Should Reject the Risky TPP

What's wrong with the risky TPP? Modified from "What Is Wrong With the Trans-Pacific Partnership" (Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons).

For years, Canadians have been hearing how the risky TPP trade deal was being negotiated in secret. The text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership was revealed late last year, but already, the Liberal government has agreed to sign on in early February. This, stressed International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, “essentially means Canada can keep its spot at the bargaining […]

Let’s Do Away With Maiden Names — We All Have Surnames, Right?

If married women have maiden names, what do single women have?

These days, it’s fairly common to come across married couples who don’t share the same family name. Modern society generally accepts a woman’s prerogative to choose her last name. Well, considering that anyone can change their name to anything they want at any time, that’s no surprise. But people often discuss this (potentially feminist) issue using the term […]

#DeclineYourVote an Ineffective Solution to Voter Apathy

"X" — Don't decline your vote!

So you’ve heard you can #DeclineYourVote and you figure it sounds like a good idea? Think again. Someone will be elected, so you may as well have a say in who that is! Voting is no joke when the stakes are this high. It’s not a game to see how many people are willing to get their butts […]

Enabling Democracy through Media: Redefining Roles and Modifying Expectations

Was this media scrum with Jack Layton during the 2006 electoral campaign enabling democracy?

Often, there is a conception that media should objectively inform society’s members, especially in the case of politics, since the health of democracy depends on the voter base. Generally, media’s role in enabling democracy is to provide facts which the population can use to form opinions and make decisions. And yet, increasingly, this is not the reality. To […]


The #nomakeupselfie Trend Sucks

Woman taking a selfie, lying in bed wearing natural makeup, shows part of the reason why the #nomakeupselfie trend is flawed.

Something that’s been bothering me is that not only are women posting #nomakeupselfie pics without even mentioning breast cancer, let alone donating to the cause which was the true point of this campaign, but so many of the pics I’ve seen have been of themselves as children. Exactly where is the self-confidence when they can’t even post current […]

It’s About All People: Rants against Foreign Aid Miss the Point

We know it's about all people when we see, as here, young children affected by AIDS gathered, one boy in the centre carrying an ill child on his back.

I received one of those chain email forwards the other day that got me all riled up. The message had an interesting subject line: Who Died Before Collecting their Government Pension? With CPP a hot-button issue right now, I thought it would be something relevant to current affairs, or at least newsy. Turns out this message has been […]

What’s Bugging Me Right Now: An Annual Message to Politicians

These protesters in Toronto are sending their own type of what's bugging me right now message to politicians!

Over the past few years, it’s become a bit of an annual tradition for me to get in touch with my elected representatives to let them know what’s bugging me right now, this year, this month, last night, and next year. I send this to my MP and MPP, without any regard for whether the items on my […]

Canada Post Fakes Death to Commit Suicide

Rural Canada Post office

Contents This article contains the following sections: Money Talks: Dollars and Deceptions Transition Time: Letters versus Parcels More Services, Reasonable Prices: A Better Business Strategy Home Delivery: Thinking Outside the PO Box Madness to the Method: Fixed and Pre-Determined Results Intentional Anti-Solution: Corporate Favouritism, Privatisation Links and Sources Old news. Canada Post dropped a bomb of an announcement […]

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