Meaningful Brand Icons From Unique Tattoos

Niackery Elements logo — Design by Julie @Niackery, with modifications by Tia Tanguay

My attachment to my tattoos goes more than skin deep. Using them as brand icons isn’t something I planned, but I’m sure happy with how things have turned out! I’ve been using my Eco-Footprint tattoo as my brand icon for almost five years now, and it’s always served me well, ever since it was designed for me and […]

Living in Busan: City Walks, Tourist Spots, and Local Haunts [Photo Album]

View of Dadaepo Port from Dusong Peninsula, skyscrapers crowding right up to the shore.

Yep, this photo album should have been posted a looooong time ago, but better late than never! It didn’t take much time to create this album of my walks and explorations throughout my year living in Busan, during which nostalgia and a fierce desire to return clashed with astonishment at having been back as long as six years […]

Fun with Kombucha Tea: Yummy Recipes, Creative Ideas

Have fun with kombucha tea by trying something creative with a spare SCOBY!

With Easter already upon us and spring supposedly here, it’s a good time to bring up little-known but really fun uses for kombucha SCOBYs. It’s high time to start planning for spring gatherings and summer parties, too. This Easter weekend offers just the right opportunity to test out some of these great kombucha tips and to have fun […]

Discovering Canadian Wilderness Through Group of Seven Art

Thompson Rapids, Magnetawan River (Reproduction of the painting by Pierre AJ Sabourin).

I wrote this article for Pierre AJ Sabourin, and although it’s about art history more than anything else, it’s also a good travel and outdoor adventure piece. It truly is a great guide to discovering Canadian wilderness through Group of Seven art. Writing it inspired me to try some art-oriented hikes this summer, so keep an eye out […]

Interview with Andrea Gregoire of Pique Passion Mosaics: Upcycling for Art, Earth, and Hearth

Mosaic by Andrea Gregoire of Pique Passion Mosaics

A self-taught artist, Andrea Gregoire operates Pique Passion Mosaics out of her studio in Monetville. She recently discussed working and living as an earth-friendly artist with Green Niackery. Educated in fashion design at Fanshawe College, she now applies the principles of upcycling she learned in her studies to her art. Represented by The Backstreet Gallery in Noëlville, Andrea […]

Waiting in Cusco: Sights, Walks, and Feel-Good Food

A pig crosses the road outside of Cusco.

I’m back in Cusco after a much-needed break from the city in Copacabana and Isla del Sol in Bolivia’s Lake Titicaca area, and thought I’d try to see a bit more of the city in my spare time while waiting in Cusco to begin the next part of my trip. I’ve got mixed feelings about Cusco. On the […]