Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park: 4 Day-Use Trails [Photo Album]

Dark cracks in the pink granite seem to move forward towards the pine-tree-lined shore of Georgian Bay.

We’re very lucky to have had the chance to spend one last day hiking in Killarney Provincial Park before having to trade in our hiking boots for snowshoes. This time, we chose to explore the park’s four day-use trails — we’d never hiked them and had heard they’re really nice though they’re shorter. Before we could get started […]

Paddling Dreams: A Beginner’s Bucket List

View of the French River Gorge from the bridge at the Visitors Centre

It’s not like we haven’t paddled before, but we certainly aren’t paddlers. Still, we’d like to incorporate more paddling into our hiking routes. Some trips just can’t be done on foot alone, and others would be more enjoyable with a little less foot mileage. Here are some of the paddling dreams — er, potential trips — which are […]

Discovering Canadian Wilderness Through Group of Seven Art

Thompson Rapids, Magnetawan River (Reproduction of the painting by Pierre AJ Sabourin).

I wrote this article for Pierre AJ Sabourin, and although it’s about art history more than anything else, it’s also a good travel and outdoor adventure piece. It truly is a great guide to discovering Canadian wilderness through Group of Seven art. Writing it inspired me to try some art-oriented hikes this summer, so keep an eye out […]