Grand Campment-Nagle Loop: 2 Days on the OTHT

View of Nagle Bay from the OTHT.

Three years had passed since we had last been on the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail (OTHT), so we decided to return on the anniversary of our first trip, Canada Day weekend. Last time, we’d hiked up Rib Mountain, but this time we chose a route on the southern portion of the trail and settled on the Grand Campment-Nagle loop. […]

Fun Day Hiking on the White Bear Forest Trails in Temagami

A broken boardwalk across a beaver pond seen while hiking the White Bear Forest Trails in Temagami.

Ever since we went hiking up Rib Mountain on the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail a few years ago, we’d been dying to go see more of Temagami‘s backcountry. So last spring, we decided it was time to explore the White Bear Forest Trails. Based at Finlayson Point Provincial Park for the weekend, it was easy to combine a fishing […]

Paddling Dreams: A Beginner’s Bucket List

View of the French River Gorge from the bridge at the Visitors Centre

It’s not like we haven’t paddled before, but we certainly aren’t paddlers. Still, we’d like to incorporate more paddling into our hiking routes. Some trips just can’t be done on foot alone, and others would be more enjoyable with a little less foot mileage. Here are some of the paddling dreams — er, potential trips — which are […]

Hiking 2013 Hit List

View of French River from a Dokis First Nation hiking trail

Every Spring I make a list of the places I’d like to hike during the season, but it never occurred to me to post about it until a short while ago. Always curious about other bloggers who Like my posts, I was checking things out when I found girlycamping’s 2013 Camping Bucket List — cool! So my Hiking […]

Hiking in Ontario: Fave Photos [Album]

Marsh along Mashkinonje Provincial Park's Atakas Trail

This post of my favourite photos of hiking in Ontario has been a long time coming, but I figure it’s better than an album! And what better time than the holiday break to sort through old photos of hiking in Ontario and take a trip down memory lane? Pics of hiking in Ontario are from anytime between 2008 […]

Hiking Up Rib Mountain on the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail

Hiking up Rib Mountain provides plenty of beautiful scenery like this view looking down on Cliff Lake.

In the Temagami area, the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail follows the original paths of First Nations peoples, thousands of years old, through old growth forests, up mountains, along cliffs, and around lakes. We had seen billboards advertising it before and found all the info we needed, including PDF maps, on the Nastawgan Trails website. We decided that hiking up […]