Enjoy These 3 Walks or Rides on the French River Multi-Use Trails

Pioneer Trail scenery in French River

If you’re in the French River area and your legs are itching to go, the French River Multi-Use Trails offer little-known walking and riding options. The trail network consists of three main multi-use routes, with three shorter non-motorized-use side trails branching off. I’ve previously written about our excursion walking Pioneer Trail to Lac Barbotte Lookout, but since then, […]

Western Canada Road Trip

The Moose Meadows rest stop between Invermere and Calgary.

Six years ago, I went on a trip that took a lot of guts for me to take. I’d only been back from South Korea for about two months, but I was keen to get away from Ontario for the winter. So when I decided to take a Western Canada road trip and go backpacking British Columbia, the […]

12 Awesome Korean Day Hikes I Recommend

The trail along the top of the ridge at Sobaeksan National Park, seen during one of my Korean day hikes.

In my attempt at hiking Korea’s mountains in as many national and provincial parks as possible to make the most of my year abroad, I often travelled away from my Korean hometown of Busan on weekends. That’s how I found many of these awesome Korean day hikes I recommend. Now of course, these Korean day hikes are only […]

Down Under: A Month in Queensland, Australia [Photo Album]

A rocky shoreline at Noosa National Park, seen while travelling Down Under in Queensland.

It’s been five years since I went to Australia. I was there for a month (though I was meant to be there for six more). It’s incredible how time flies, and since I’ve never shared anything about my travels Down Under before, I thought posting a photo album of my trip would make up for it ;)(winky face). […]

Hiking and Paddling Bucket List 2014

Bad River, French River Waterway Provincial Park

We put a lot of thought into our hiking and paddling bucket list this year. It’s been tough making decisions because we’ve been torn between seeing new trails and returning to parks we really love. So we decided to compromise. The 2014 hiking and paddling bucket list includes a lot of places we’ve been to before, though we’re […]

Holiday Tradition Family Walks

We've taken holiday tradition family walks down snowy Lafrenière Road (pictured) in Noëlville a few times...

I’m willing to bet that most people feel a little fear when they think of the holiday season — not much, but it’s there. It’s overwhelming how all those tantalizing aromas and delicious flavours can make us look forward to the holidays while simultaneously sticking a nagging fear in the back of our minds: how to avoid getting […]

New French River Trails Should Post Usage Rules, Safety Guidelines

Pioneer Trail, one location where usage and safety rules should be posted, first leads to this spot on Lac Clair.

We’ve lately had the pleasure of taking a lovely walk to some of French River’s beauty spots on the new multi-use trail system, stopping off Mayer Road in Noëlville to access the Lac Barbotte Lookout via Pioneer Trail. While the scenery was inspiring, colourful leaves set against a clean blue autumn sky, our enjoyment of this peaceful setting […]

Walking in French River on Pioneer Trail to Lac Barbotte Lookout

Lac Barbotte scenery

Access has been opened for walking in French River. Only a several minutes’ drive from Noëlville, an old logging road turned ATV trail on crown land has been transformed by the French River Multi Use Trail Association, now made suitable for hikers, horseback riders, and cyclists, too. * Signs indicate where Pioneer Trail begins on Mayer Road, and […]

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