Beautiful Backpacking on the Trails at Frontenac Park

Sunrise scenery from our campsite at Buck Lake.

Many years ago, during my first time trekking Killarney‘s La Cloche Silhouette loop trail, I met another backpacker who claimed he preferred walking the trails at Frontenac Park. He told me that it was beautiful backpacking out there, so ever since then, I’ve been curious to check it out. Last long weekend, we finally got the chance! Actually, […]

Grand Campment-Nagle Loop: 2 Days on the OTHT

View of Nagle Bay from the OTHT.

Three years had passed since we had last been on the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail (OTHT), so we decided to return on the anniversary of our first trip, Canada Day weekend. Last time, we’d hiked up Rib Mountain, but this time we chose a route on the southern portion of the trail and settled on the Grand Campment-Nagle loop. […]

Western Canada Road Trip

The Moose Meadows rest stop between Invermere and Calgary.

Six years ago, I went on a trip that took a lot of guts for me to take. I’d only been back from South Korea for about two months, but I was keen to get away from Ontario for the winter. So when I decided to take a Western Canada road trip and go backpacking British Columbia, the […]

Backpacking Algonquin Park’s Eastern Pines Trail to High Falls

The view from our campsite near High Falls on the Eastern Pines backpacking trail.

We’d had our eye on backpacking Algonquin Park’s Eastern Pines Trail for some time now, since it’s a short, easy loop that we could do in a regular weekend without difficulty. It’s also accessible by water, so we’d been considering it as a possible hike and paddle combo. Still, we never imagined we’d return to Algonquin in June, […]

Spring Day Hiking [Photo Album]

Ice melting on Lake Nipissing.

When I set myself a goal, if I put it in writing, I’m much more likely to achieve it. Posting my Hiking Hit List for this year didn’t so much feel like making a commitment than as making a reservation. I got super-excited to see some of the special spots I’d been dreaming about all winter, feeling like […]

Hiking Up Rib Mountain on the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail

Hiking up Rib Mountain provides plenty of beautiful scenery like this view looking down on Cliff Lake.

In the Temagami area, the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail follows the original paths of First Nations peoples, thousands of years old, through old growth forests, up mountains, along cliffs, and around lakes. We had seen billboards advertising it before and found all the info we needed, including PDF maps, on the Nastawgan Trails website. We decided that hiking up […]

10 Advanced Uses of CouchSurfing

One of the advanced uses of CouchSurfing is catching a rideshare, like trucking through the Prairies pictured here.

I’ve posted about CS a few times before, and now I’ve gathered all my top CouchSurfing tips in one place. Basically, this is a guide to the advanced uses of CouchSurfing, and how to make the best out of being an indie traveller. Although not about any particular destination, 10 Advanced Uses of CouchSurfing: A Multi-Tool for the […]

Upo Marsh Circuit Hike: Photo Journal of a Korea Wetland Keeper

The Upo Marsh circuit hike has a few strange sights, like these trees growing from the water.

Upo Marsh is a remote and rural yet nevertheless accessible destination. It’s a large wetland, so I figured that the Upo Marsh circuit hike would take me all afternoon or longer. Located in Gyeongsangnam-do, near Changnyeong, it’s an easy hour-long bus ride from Busan‘s Seobu terminal. Travelling on my own, I arrived in Changnyeong around noon and quickly […]

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