Living in Busan: City Walks, Tourist Spots, and Local Haunts [Photo Album]

View of Dadaepo Port from Dusong Peninsula, skyscrapers crowding right up to the shore.

Yep, this photo album should have been posted a looooong time ago, but better late than never! It didn’t take much time to create this album of my walks and explorations throughout my year living in Busan, during which nostalgia and a fierce desire to return clashed with astonishment at having been back as long as six years […]

Down Under: A Month in Queensland, Australia [Photo Album]

A rocky shoreline at Noosa National Park, seen while travelling Down Under in Queensland.

It’s been five years since I went to Australia. I was there for a month (though I was meant to be there for six more). It’s incredible how time flies, and since I’ve never shared anything about my travels Down Under before, I thought posting a photo album of my trip would make up for it ;)(winky face). […]

Season’s End Plant Life on Georgian Bay: Mushrooms, Berries, and Flowers [Photo Album]

Plant life around Killarney's lighthouse includes this cute little yellow mushroom.

On Labour Day, we made our way to Killarney for a day hike around the lighthouse area. Even though the season is already turning cold, this fact reinforced on that day due to light rain and heavy fog, there was still plenty of pretty plant life to observe and photograph. Some flowers are still blooming, some berry trees […]

Colourful Berries in Red, Blue, and Black [Photo Album]

Two large red wintergreen berries hang from a leafy stem.

We take a lot of pictures of berries when we’re berry picking, and a lot of them are really nice! The following photos are mostly from this year, though I couldn’t help including a few older ones to round off the album. Strawberries Some of these photos of strawberries were taken last year at Leisure Farms in Sturgeon […]

Blooming Flowers [Photo Album]

Blooming pink flower at High Falls, Algonquin Park

The rainy spring this year didn’t dampen my spirits in the least. That’s impossible when it’s raining flowers! Or at least, when the rain brings blooming flowers… ;)(winky face). We’ve seen all kinds of wildflowers this year, most recently while backpacking Algonquin Park’s Eastern Pines Trail. And the garden’s looking good, too! There’s no way I’m done taking […]

Loons and Other Wildlife Sightings in Killarney [Photo Album]

The last of the loons we saw that weekend...

During our recent canoe camping in Killarney expedition, we were lucky enough to spot several types of wildlife. Especially, we saw plenty of loons over the weekend. Fortunately, we got the opportunity to get real close and take some pretty nice pictures of them. Though it wasn’t the first loon we saw that weekend, the first loon we […]

Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park: 4 Day-Use Trails [Photo Album]

Dark cracks in the pink granite seem to move forward towards the pine-tree-lined shore of Georgian Bay.

We’re very lucky to have had the chance to spend one last day hiking in Killarney Provincial Park before having to trade in our hiking boots for snowshoes. This time, we chose to explore the park’s four day-use trails — we’d never hiked them and had heard they’re really nice though they’re shorter. Before we could get started […]

Flower Power [Photo Album]

Two lady slippers

I went completely crazy for flowers this year, taking pics almost every time I saw some. Alright, I’m sure it’s hard to find an ugly flower, but I think these are particularly nice. Flower Power From the Garden These are all from my mother’s garden. I’ve got to start remembering to bring my camera when I go to […]

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