Colourful Berries in Red, Blue, and Black [Photo Album] — Introduction

We take a lot of pictures of berries when we’re berry picking, and a lot of them are really nice! The following photos are mostly from this year, though I couldn’t help including a few older ones to round off the album.


Some of these photos of strawberries were taken last year at Leisure Farms in Sturgeon Falls, and some were taken the previous year at Noëlville Berry Farm.


Some of these photos of raspberries were taken this year at Leisure Farms while a few were taken two years ago at Noëlville Berry Farm.


These photos of blueberries were mostly taken around Lake Nipissing over the past few weeks, but a few favourites are from last season picking berries in Sudbury as well. We pick blueberries the most, so we have a lot more photos of these berries! We also have great wild blueberry picking tips, if you like to pick blueberries, too (smiley face).

Wintergreen Berries

These photos of wintergreen berries were taken last week while picking blueberries along the shores of Lake Nipissing.

Blackberries, Black Currants, and Cranberries

These photos of blackberries and black currants were taken in the French River area last summer, while the photo of cranberries was taken last fall.


So what do we do with them all? Well, we pick berries to freeze and dehydrate for the winter, and we pick some for our customers, too. If you’d like us to pick some berries for you, let us know!