Season’s End Plant Life on Georgian Bay: Mushrooms, Berries, and Flowers [Photo Album] — Introduction

On Labour Day, we made our way to Killarney for a day hike around the lighthouse area. Even though the season is already turning cold, this fact reinforced on that day due to light rain and heavy fog, there was still plenty of pretty plant life to observe and photograph. Some flowers are still blooming, some berry trees and bushes are still bearing fruit, and all kinds of mushrooms are just popping out. We’d usually go nuts over the wild berries that grow along the Georgian Bay coast, but on this trip, the mushrooms were most impressive.


September is the best month to see the huge variety of mushrooms found in Northern Ontario’s boreal forest. Some are poisonous, others are edible. Don’t pick them unless you know what’s what…


Cranberries are already coming out! Some were almost ready when we saw them in Killarney, many still half-white and most still too small to pick.

The blackberries we saw were delicious, though! I didn’t remember to get a picture of them since I was too busy eating them, but I did get a picture of a type of berry neither one of us recognises. They may look like blueberries, but they’re not…


Enjoy these beauties while you can — they won’t last much longer now!

The first picture was taken while walking along the edge of a marsh towards the end of our hike. The other two were taken at the base of Killarney’s East Lighthouse on Red Rock Point.

Extra Flowers

Here are a couple of pictures of flowers I’ve taken over the past two months (to keep our dreams warm as the weather begins to cool).

The white one is from the plant that grows along the railing of our apartment staircase every summer. We have nothing to do with it, but we love it. We owe our thanks to the former tenants for bringing nature’s beauty into our daily summer life!

The pink one was taken while day hiking the Hawk Ridge Trail at Halfway Lake Provincial Park. We thank the Earth Mother for this one (winky face).