Walking For Wildlife — Celebrating National Wildlife Week and The International Day of Biodiversity

In honour of National Wildlife Week April 10-16, I joined the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Walk for Wildlife from April 10 until May 22, the International Day of Biodiversity.

My goal was to walk a minimum of 50 kilometres and raise $500 or more for Canadian wildlife.

To kick off the event, I hiked 10 kilometres in Mashkinonje Provincial Park in Monetville, ON. Hiking both the Martin Pond and Pebble Beach Trails allowed for some wildlife viewing: a garter snake coiled, still hibernating and unresponsive; a crane, flying low over a marsh; a marten, recently killed.

Many other species were seen while walking for wildlife, including turtles, deer, bears, loons mating, woodpeckers, owls, lots of other birds, frogs, and of course, insects!

In an effort to get to know more of the ecologically important areas in Northern Ontario, I attempted to visit a different provincial park every weekend for the duration of this event.


  • Mashkinonje Provincial Park — Martin Pond – Pebble Beach Loop
  • Grundy Lake Provincial Park
  • Restoule Provincial Park
  • Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park
  • Mashkinonje Provincial Park — Atakas Loop via Beckett Lang, Blandings Access Point
  • Esker Lakes Provincial Park

I surpassed my hiking goal, completing approximately 80 kilometres while walking for wildlife. I raised over half my fundraising goal (about $300).

The contributions and support of friends and family were greatly appreciated! Thank you!