2 Loops on the Georgian Bay Coast Trail at Point Grondine

Scenery reminiscent of the Georgian Bay coastline at Point Grondine Park.

Always looking for new trails to hike in the Killarney area, we were thrilled to make our way to Point Grondine Park to spend a day on the Georgian Bay Coast Trail system. About halfway down the highway to Killarney, two stacked loops provide a few more day hiking and backpacking options to the beautiful Georgian Bay area. […]

Meal Plans, Packing Lists, and Tips For Casual Backcountry Paddlers

Casual backcountry paddlers will love this easily accessible spot in French River.

I recently shared our hiking meal plans and packing lists, and I gave out some great packing tips, too. Since we go on the occasional short canoe trip as well, we have meal plans, packing lists, and packing tips for casual backcountry paddlers as well. In fact, since we’re always packed and ready to go, our paddling meal […]

Silver Peak Day Hike Route Suggestions

View across Silver Peak.

Planning a Silver Peak day hike is a fun way to spend some time in Killarney Provincial Park, without a doubt. What’s great about it is that there are tons of ways to do it. You can do your Silver Peak day hike on a day trip if that’s all the time you’ve got or the inclination for. […]

Loons and Other Wildlife Sightings in Killarney [Photo Album]

The last of the loons we saw that weekend...

During our recent canoe camping in Killarney expedition, we were lucky enough to spot several types of wildlife. Especially, we saw plenty of loons over the weekend. Fortunately, we got the opportunity to get real close and take some pretty nice pictures of them. Though it wasn’t the first loon we saw that weekend, the first loon we […]

Canoe Camping in Killarney

View from our campsite while canoe camping in Killarney.

-Bill Mason (Canoe Quotes) To launch this year’s camping season, we decided to tackle our longest paddle trip yet. Canoe camping in Killarney Provincial Park can be a challenge, we’ve heard, but we wanted to paddle in, do some day hiking, and then paddle out again — nothing too tough for our first big weekend of the year. […]

Backcountry Gear Shopping in Toronto

Our new backcountry gear: two backpacks, dehydrated meals, organizer bags, microfiber towels, mosquito net, camp-sized salt and pepper shakers...

Every spring, we take inventory of our backcountry gear and stock up for the hiking and camping season. This year, we both needed new backpacks so we decided to take a road trip and do some backcountry gear shopping in Toronto. It’s important to try on a backpack for sizing and fit, and online descriptions are often incomplete […]

Hiking and Paddling Bucket List 2014

Bad River, French River Waterway Provincial Park

We put a lot of thought into our hiking and paddling bucket list this year. It’s been tough making decisions because we’ve been torn between seeing new trails and returning to parks we really love. So we decided to compromise. The 2014 hiking and paddling bucket list includes a lot of places we’ve been to before, though we’re […]

Backcountry Tripping in Mississagi Provincial Park

A spectacular view of the Brush Lakes from Bear Mountain in Mississagi Provincial Park.

Paddling Semiwite &and Helenbar Lakes, Hiking Over Bear Mountain, and & Fishing the Brush Lakes Two years ago, days before we were scheduled to leave, we cancelled our plans to go backcountry tripping in Mississagi Provincial Park, instead accepting a last-minute invitation to go camping and fishing with my cousins. Then last year, the Ontario government announced multiple […]

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