Meal Plans, Packing Lists, and Tips For Casual Backcountry Paddlers

Casual backcountry paddlers will love this easily accessible spot in French River.

I recently shared our hiking meal plans and packing lists, and I gave out some great packing tips, too. Since we go on the occasional short canoe trip as well, we have meal plans, packing lists, and packing tips for casual backcountry paddlers as well. In fact, since we’re always packed and ready to go, our paddling meal […]

Packing Tips For Backcountry Hikers

We're on our way to sharing our packing tips for backcountry hikers...

Now that I’ve shared my backcountry meal plans and packing lists, it’s time to put it all together with these packing tips for backcountry hikers. You’ll need to know what’s in those posts to follow this one, so take a moment to read them if you haven’t already. So, once we get all our gear together, it’s time […]

Packing Lists for Backcountry Hikers

Three packing lists for backcountry hikers: camping, hiking, and cooking.

We’ve learned a lot while making many adjustments to our packing lists for backcountry hikers over the years. I recently decided that since it took us so much trial and error finally to figure out how to properly plan and pack for a backcountry trip, I would share our meal plans and packing lists for hikers and casual […]

Meal Plans for Backcountry Hikers

Meal plans for backcountry hikers can include dehydrated meals, eggs, energy bars, tea, and oatmeal.

It took us a few years of trial and error before we finally felt comfortable with our go-to backpacking meal plans and packing lists. At first, we made the rookie mistake of bringing way too much heavier stuff on backcountry hiking trips. Later on, we realised that we could (and sometimes should) be bringing different foods on paddling […]