Volunteering for the Korea Wetland Project

My photo journals of a Korea Wetland Keeper include this scene from Upo Marsh featuring wooden canoes.

The Korea Wetland Project has released PDF versions of my photo journals of a Korea Wetland Keeper (smiley face). The Jirisan Wetland Eco-Tour Journal tells of visiting areas of the park usually restricted to researchers. The Upo Marsh Circuit Hike Journal describes how I got more adventure than I had bargained for in endeavouring to walk around this […]

Upo Marsh Circuit Hike: Photo Journal of a Korea Wetland Keeper

The Upo Marsh circuit hike has a few strange sights, like these trees growing from the water.

Upo Marsh is a remote and rural yet nevertheless accessible destination. It’s a large wetland, so I figured that the Upo Marsh circuit hike would take me all afternoon or longer. Located in Gyeongsangnam-do, near Changnyeong, it’s an easy hour-long bus ride from Busan‘s Seobu terminal. Travelling on my own, I arrived in Changnyeong around noon and quickly […]

Jirisan Wetland Eco-Tour: Photo Journal of a Korea Wetland Keeper

The scenery was spectacular while driving around the national park during our Jirisan wetland eco-tour.

Back in May, I had been on a three-day trek in Jirisan National Park, but now I was excited to access more restricted areas of the park and to learn about its ecology. I would be spending the weekend on an eco-tour as a volunteer with the Korea Wetland Project. Day 1 I met my travel companions, Won-ho […]