Vegetarian Pie Baking Day

Zucchini Pie

The last time we made savoury vegetarian pies, we ended up buying too much vegetable shortening, and so we’d been planning to have another vegetarian pie baking session. And with the season’s new harvest approaching, we needed to use up some of the garden veggies we still have left in our freezer. Last week, we got out the […]

Freezer Cooking Week: Savoury Vegetarian Pies

One of our favourite savoury vegetable pies is this Root Vegetable Pie.

There was a week in December when I thought my rolling pin was a natural extension of my arm — Go-Go-Gadget Rolling Pin! We were busy making all kinds of savoury vegetarian pies, mostly to freeze and some for holiday meals. Things didn’t work out quite like we imagined, but our pies are all delicious so we think […]

Potluck Holidays: Savoury Pies from Frozen Garden Vegetables

Mixed Veggie Pie with Mashed Potato and Beet Top Crust

I just found out that one of the holiday season gatherings I’ll be attending this year will be a potluck meal. That’s awesome! I hardly ever get to cook for anyone, so this is a lot of fun for me. I only wondered what to make for about a second and a half, maybe two seconds. As soon […]

Sunday Baking with Almond Meal and Dehydrating Yogurt

Raspberry yogurt spread out on a dehydrator sauce sheet.

Ever since my pie-baking experience some months ago, I’ve been encouraged to try out a few more recipes here and there, especially since being introduced to a couple of cool all-natural and healthy ingredients. Having discovered that her daughter has trouble digesting dairy products, my sister started baking and cooking with coconut oil instead of butter, and turned […]

Holiday Overeating: Guilt-Free Fulfilment

A creamy sugar pie using my late grandmother's recipe.

A common stigma tends to surface around this time of year — fear of holiday overindulgence and its after-bulge. This year, there’s no need to worry because there’s a plan. After all, New Year’s resolutions are for looking to the future, not compensating for the past. During the festive season, an abundance of food — its sights and […]

What the Crust? The Pie’s the Limit!

A slice of mixed veggie pie with mashed potato and red beet top crust, and a slice of meat pie, both siting on a small side plate.

Most people bake a lot before the holidays. Not me. I never have any company so other than helping my mother with her pie crusts, I don’t usually give it much thought. But this year, the week before Christmas, we realised we’d miscalculated how many of our fresh farm eggs to save. We knew we should use them […]

Stirred to Explore Granola: Containing Edible Profits and Blue Fruits of Labour

Homemade granola

It’s been a busy summer, as they all are, but this one’s been particularly hectic for Marc and I, juggling our jobs with farm work (including selling our fresh eggs and extra veggies or pickling all the extra cucumbers we planted), berry picking, making large batches of kombucha (now with fair trade green tea), and (gasp) a bit […]

Nourishing Place and People At LoonSong Garden: Biodynamic Grains From Manitoulin Island

Grain fields of LoonSong Garden set against a stunning clear blue sky

The special ingredient for many of our recipes is no secret — biodynamic rolled oats from LoonSong Garden in Little Current. I used to hate oatmeal, up until a few years ago when we began buying LoonSong Garden’s local rolled oats. Now, it’s a clear favourite. Whether we’re backpacking or car camping when picking blueberries, Marc and I […]

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