Blueberry Picking Bush Hikes in Sudbury

Sudbury visible in the distance from this rocky hilltop.

If it wasn’t for the mounds of berries we pick on our blueberry picking bush hikes, which we freeze, dehydrate, and yes, even sell, I’d be sad that we don’t really do any hiking during the summer months. But then we wouldn’t be able to share our Earth-friendly blueberry picking tips… All kidding aside, I mean real hiking. […]

Wild Blueberry Picking Tips

Blueberries in the sun photographed during a berry picking bush hike in Sudbury.

We pick a lot of blueberries, so we’ve accumulated a bit of share-worthy knowledge. We’re happy to pick to order, but if you’d like to get out there and experience the fresh air, muscle pain, woodsy fragrances, inclement weather, and various bird songs for yourself, check out these blueberry picking tips first. Blueberry Picking Preparation Tips Make sure […]

Berrylicious Reds and Blues Picked Just For You!

Eighteen baskets of strawberries lined up one behind the other in an aisle between two rows of strawberries at Leisure Farms.

Berry season’s back and it looks like it’s going to be a good one! Strawberries are in full swing, blueberries are making their first appearances, and raspberries should be ready within a week. We’ve already been out a couple of times and have been hard at work freezing and dehydrating our year’s supply of strawberries. I can’t believe […]

Stirred to Explore Granola: Containing Edible Profits and Blue Fruits of Labour

Homemade granola

It’s been a busy summer, as they all are, but this one’s been particularly hectic for Marc and I, juggling our jobs with farm work (including selling our fresh eggs and extra veggies or pickling all the extra cucumbers we planted), berry picking, making large batches of kombucha (now with fair trade green tea), and (gasp) a bit […]


Naturally Sweet Dreams: Red Berries, Brown Eggs, Minty Kombucha, and Apple Granola

Strawberries can bring on sweet dreams, too.

Some things are addictive to the point of obsession. You know what I mean if you’ve ever sat in front of a computer or game console long enough. Ever had Tetris shapes float before your eyes the moment you close them for some shuteye? Marc was being taunted by luscious red raspberries the other night. Very sweet dreams. […]

Picking Berries: A Virtual Fruit Stand in French River

Picking berries and holding blueberries in my hand

Last weekend, Marc and I traded in our hiking boots for rubber ones during the Land of the Voyageurs Rubber Boots Festival. Amazing as it was, we’re ready for different footwear. That can pose a dilemma. We’ll soon be debating whether it’s a hiking weekend or a berry picking weekend. Either way, a happy ending. Though it wasn’t […]

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