Jirisan Wetland Eco-Tour: Photo Journal of a Korea Wetland Keeper

The scenery was spectacular while driving around the national park during our Jirisan wetland eco-tour.

Back in May, I had been on a three-day trek in Jirisan National Park, but now I was excited to access more restricted areas of the park and to learn about its ecology. I would be spending the weekend on an eco-tour as a volunteer with the Korea Wetland Project. Day 1 I met my travel companions, Won-ho […]

Hiking With a Stranger, or Not: It Really Is a Small World

Hiking with a stranger led to this peak at Gajisan, where a marker indicates the altitude.

Yep, I went hiking with a stranger again… You see, I’ve always said I like talking to old men, and old men love me. They always befriend me, take care of me. In April, I went on a day hike to Gaji Mountain and made a friend on the bus en route there. Mr. Kim asked me to […]

Exploring Yokji Island: A Break From Mainland Korea

Observed people fishing at sunset one evening while exploring Yokji Island

I’m on a ferry returning to Busan from a weekend exploring Yokji Island, and I feel like I’ve been here before. I guess I have. Sick of the smell, the noise, the lights, the people, the hustle and bustle of Busan, I was looking to get away from the city for the weekend, to spend some time in […]

Trekking Jirisan in Korea

Catching sunrise from a peak while trekking Jirisan is an essential part of the experience.

Trekking Jirisan took a fair bit of planning, but since we would be staying in mountain shelters where we could rent blankets, there was no need to pack a tent or sleeping bag. I brought minimal clothing but still weighed in at 35 lbs.pounds, food taking up the bulk of the weight. But I didn’t want to undertake […]


A Wolchulsan Hike Gone Really Right!

Red suspension bridge crossing a chasm high up in the mountains on a Wolchulsan hike.

Lately strangers have been showing their kindness more than ever, especially when I went hiking with fellow CouchSurfer Josiah a few weeks ago. This is a story of a Wolchulsan hike gone really right. Wolchulsan Hike Transportation Challenges Frequent hiking partners, this time we were trying to get to Yeongam near Gwangju for a Wolchulsan hike, and we’d […]

Adventure City Walk in Busan: First CouchSurfing Guest

Our adventure city walk in Busan led us along this oddly behaving stream.

If I think of the things I’ve done in Korea so far, it’s mostly hiking. Well, what else do you expect from me? The thing is, I want to see the country. And what better way to do that than to just see it? I want to find all the beauty spots, get to know the lay of […]

March for Merazonia: The La Cloche Silhouette Trek

Scenic landscape view of the tree-dotted white quartzite cliffs of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail during the March for Merazonia.

I was out on a day hike in Killarney Provincial Park, located on the shores of Georgian Bay between Parry Sound and Sudbury, Ontario, when the idea struck for the March for Merazonia. It was early May, the weather was beautiful, the northern verdure was blooming and blossoming in every direction, and I was inspired. I thought to […]

Quest for Cold Drinks: Bushwhacking at Picaflor

When the Tambopata River's this high, it's no good for bushwhacking at Picaflor!

Twice we tried to get to the neighbouring lodge on foot, but it appears that bushwhacking at Picaflor is not so easy. It took a bee attack and crawling over sinking mud before we quit… First Attempt Bushwhacking at Picaflor When Elissa and Joel were here, we got the idea to try to bushwhack our way to Tambopata […]

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