Adventure City Walk in Busan: First CouchSurfing Guest — A Travel Tale

If I think of the things I’ve done in Korea so far, it’s mostly hiking. Well, what else do you expect from me? The thing is, I want to see the country. And what better way to do that than to just see it?

I want to find all the beauty spots, get to know the lay of the land. Sometimes that means going on an adventure instead of taking a bus to a park. So here’s one adventure city walk in Busan in particular.

I was hosting a fellow CouchSurfer, Jules from France. We decided we wanted to get out into the countryside, try to see something outside of the city.

We thought of trying to hitchhike somewhere, so we got on the subway and rode to the end of the line, where the bus station is. We walked out on the highway a bit but didn’t have any luck hitching a ride, so we decided to explore where we were. And so the adventure city walk in Busan began.

First we followed a stream along its bank, but that ended abruptly at a construction site. We crossed the site to regain the stream, but lo and behold, it was frozen!

Our adventure city walk in Busan led us along this oddly behaving stream.
Photo by Jules Moya

We slid along until we got to a dark tunnel. We let our eyes adjust a little, then went in. We were able to slide slash skate most of the way. At the end of the tunnel, we had to climb a wall and regain the stream, which was no longer frozen.

So weird and surreal, all of it.

But there it ended. And there was nowhere to go.

About halfway down from where the stream had turned to ice, there were a few huts lining the riverbank, so we went back there to see what they were. OMG, what luck! Restaurants!!! Hurray, we found food! In the unlikeliest of places!

So, we ordered one bibimbap to share. I had a few bites of rice and vegetables until the lady came over to our table and told us we had to mix everything together. No, sorry, we can’t do that, I’m vegetarian.

One minute, she indicated.

She came back with a bowl of white rice for me and proceeded to mix Jules’s bibimbap for him. I was so bummed! How unfair!!! I don’t get any veggies or flavour in my food?

But all in all a good day, and how cool was it to find that restaurant in the middle of nowhere, by the side of an oddly-behaving stream?

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