Public Baths in Busan: A Soothingly Naked Experience — A Travel Tale

Another important part of the Korean experience I’ve lately tried is taking a dip at a few of the public baths in Busan. What a liberating feeling, to walk around, bathe, relax, all naked and surrounded by nakedness. There are many public baths in Busan, and all over the country, so this is definitely going to be something I’ll do often. Soothe my aching muscles after a tough hike, relax my head after a long day at school. Nice!

I tried the one at Lave Land here in Dadaepo, and it made me want to try other public baths in Busan. Partly to avoid running into my students, and partly to try different types of baths. The one at Lave Land only has plain water (hot, cold, and lukewarm), the sauna room, and the steam room. I want to try pine needle, green tea, and mugwort baths!

I went to Vesta Spa in Haeundae the day after hiking at ogyeongsa. I’d been meaning to go forever, ever since reading about it in my guidebook, Korea by Lonely Planet, and I was aching all over, so it was the perfect time.

Vesta Spa only had plain water as well, but the kicker was the hot tub on the balcony. I got to sit outside, alone, watching the sun set over the ocean, and it was fabulous! The Gwangan bridge lit up and the sky turned pink behind the skyscrapers as the sun went down. Soooo nice!

Whenever I got too hot I got out of the bath and stood at the railing, letting the wind cool me down before going back in the tub. Aaahhh…

But it’s too far to go on a regular basis, so I’ll have to find some other public baths in Busan instead of Lave Land. Maybe somewhere in Seomyeon or Nampodong

As an aside, women exercise in the hot tubs. Kind of funny, but I guess it’s like aquafit?