Sports and Entertainment in Busan: Soccer and a Movie

Sand sculptures in Busan, South Korea.

For a dose of sports and entertainment in Busan, I finally attended a few events over the summer. The soccer game wasn’t at all what I expected, and the movie was way better than I thought it would be. Soccer Match In July, I made it out to a soccer game, Seoul versus Busan. The game was in […]

Bad Hagweon Experiences: Teaching in South Korea

Bad hagweon experiences in South Korea were had in this classroom...

With only 7.5seven and a half weeks left in Korea, I’m stunned that I’ve never described something that is crucially important: my teaching job here in Busan! After all, teaching is the *primary* reason I’m here. But since you can tell from the post title that I’ve had one of those bad hagweon experiences, I guess I might […]

Getting Over the Initial Culture Shock of Living in Korea

Sights like this unique mountain formation make getting over the initial culture shock of living in Korea a breeze!

Getting over the initial culture shock of living in Korea was really hard for me. When I first got here, life was pretty depressing. I was excited to get to a new country and in awe of everything I saw around me. But I was disappointed by Busan — from what I could see, it’s an ugly city. […]