Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park: 4 Day-Use Trails [Photo Album]

Dark cracks in the pink granite seem to move forward towards the pine-tree-lined shore of Georgian Bay.

We’re very lucky to have had the chance to spend one last day hiking in Killarney Provincial Park before having to trade in our hiking boots for snowshoes. This time, we chose to explore the park’s four day-use trails — we’d never hiked them and had heard they’re really nice though they’re shorter. Before we could get started […]

Walking in French River on Pioneer Trail to Lac Barbotte Lookout

Lac Barbotte scenery

Access has been opened for walking in French River. Only a several minutes’ drive from Noëlville, an old logging road turned ATV trail on crown land has been transformed by the French River Multi Use Trail Association, now made suitable for hikers, horseback riders, and cyclists, too. * Signs indicate where Pioneer Trail begins on Mayer Road, and […]

Walking Sudbury’s Rainbow Routes

Walking Sudbury's Rainbow Routes can lead to this gazebo on Blueberry Hill

Sometimes, when we go blueberry picking for an entire weekend, we find ourselves with spare time to kill in the evenings. You’d think that since we’re in the heart of the city, we’d take advantage of having access to restaurants, theatres, pubs, or events. But instead, we use the opportunity to visit the city’s green spaces by walking […]

Backcountry Tripping in Mississagi Provincial Park

A spectacular view of the Brush Lakes from Bear Mountain in Mississagi Provincial Park.

Paddling Semiwite &and Helenbar Lakes, Hiking Over Bear Mountain, and & Fishing the Brush Lakes Two years ago, days before we were scheduled to leave, we cancelled our plans to go backcountry tripping in Mississagi Provincial Park, instead accepting a last-minute invitation to go camping and fishing with my cousins. Then last year, the Ontario government announced multiple […]


Hiking Along the French River on Dokis First Nation’s Papase Trail

A silvery piece of deadwood juts out towards a small lake along Dokis First Nation's Papase Trail.

We did things a bit differently this past Canada Day long weekend. We usually take advantage of the extended break to hike a longer trail or go somewhere further away, but we always miss a lot of stuff going on around French River while we’re gone. So this year, with a couple of family gatherings going on that […]

Hiking the History Loop on Etienne Trail: Samuel de Champlain Park

River and forest landscape seen while hiking the History Loop on Etienne Trail in Samuel de Champlain Park.

We’re almost always behind schedule when we go on a hike, but we actually managed to leave a few minutes early on the morning we were hiking the History Loop on Etienne Trail in Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, even though we’d only decided late the day before to head to the hills of Mattawa for a Sunday […]

Pet Woes: Lost and Ticked Off

Dogs and cats chilling in the dining room.

About a month ago, Marc and I hiked Killarney’s La Cloche Silhouette loop trail, but not without some consequences to our pets. We have two cats, Grooby-doo and Currdles, and two black labs, Fetcher and Maggie. This trip affected one of each, and although Fetcher is fine now, I can’t say the same for Currdles :((frowny face). Oh, […]

Trekking Killarney’s La Cloche Silhouette Loop Trail

A beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, the typical scenery of trekking Killarney's La Cloche Silhouette loop trail.

Five years ago, I undertook the challenge of hiking Killarney Provincial Park’s La Cloche Silhouette Trail by myself, accompanied by my black lab Fetcher. So it was nice to plan a trip with my partner and now two black labs (add Maggie). Of course there were bumps along the way, some organisational, some more physical (and you’d think […]

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