Day Hiking Hawk Ridge Trail at Halfway Lake Park

Rockly lake coastline along Hawk Ridge Trail.

We’d been wanting to visit Halfway Lake Provincial Park north of Sudbury for a few years now, but we somehow never managed to get there. We used to think that we’d go to Halfway Lake on a backpacking trip, but we realised this year that we were better off going for a day hike instead. So last weekend […]

Backpacking Algonquin Park’s Eastern Pines Trail to High Falls

The view from our campsite near High Falls on the Eastern Pines backpacking trail.

We’d had our eye on backpacking Algonquin Park’s Eastern Pines Trail for some time now, since it’s a short, easy loop that we could do in a regular weekend without difficulty. It’s also accessible by water, so we’d been considering it as a possible hike and paddle combo. Still, we never imagined we’d return to Algonquin in June, […]

Canoe Camping in Killarney

View from our campsite while canoe camping in Killarney.

-Bill Mason (Canoe Quotes) To launch this year’s camping season, we decided to tackle our longest paddle trip yet. Canoe camping in Killarney Provincial Park can be a challenge, we’ve heard, but we wanted to paddle in, do some day hiking, and then paddle out again — nothing too tough for our first big weekend of the year. […]

Mashkinonje Day Hike: Racing the Spring Snow Melt

Atakas Trail during a Mashkinonje day hike..

Our first day hike of the season at Mashkinonje Provincial Park surprised us a little. We weren’t expecting so much snow in the forest! We had planned our route knowing the bush would be wet. So, we’d chosen to start our Mashkinonje day hike on higher ground and to return through the lowlands, which would hopefully give the […]


Snowshoe Hike on the Loudon Peatland Trail in Mashkinonje Provincial Park

Lovely view of the Loudon Peatland from the top of the tower.

Mashkinonje Provincial Park’s got some great snowshoeing trails, so we were surprised that the Blandings Access Point wasn’t ploughed the few times we drove passed there this winter, and it looked like it hadn’t been done all season. But on our snowshoeing trip, it wasn’t a big deal — we just drove a little further on for a […]

Snowshoe Hiking to The Lake Above, French River

Scenery from snowshoe hiking to the Lake Above.

Easily accessible though possibly a little tricky to find, a couple of hours is all the time needed to go snowshoe hiking to The Lake Above. At the very end of Mayer Road in Noëlville, the snowmobile trail leads to The Lake Above side trail, which, if it hasn’t been used lately, is impossible to see. The snowmobile […]

Holiday Tradition Family Walks

We've taken holiday tradition family walks down snowy Lafrenière Road (pictured) in Noëlville a few times...

I’m willing to bet that most people feel a little fear when they think of the holiday season — not much, but it’s there. It’s overwhelming how all those tantalizing aromas and delicious flavours can make us look forward to the holidays while simultaneously sticking a nagging fear in the back of our minds: how to avoid getting […]

City Walking Tour of North Bay: A Haunted Downtown Hike

Nighttime view of Main Street.

Last Friday, Marc and I decided to throw a little Halloween spirit into our hiking plans, so instead of a bush excursion, we planned a city walking tour of North Bay. After work, we headed to the city for the Haunted Downtown Hike, offered by Discovery North Bay. Volunteers met our group at the old train station, now […]

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