Living in Busan: City Walks, Tourist Spots, and Local Haunts [Photo Album]

View of Dadaepo Port from Dusong Peninsula, skyscrapers crowding right up to the shore.

Yep, this photo album should have been posted a looooong time ago, but better late than never! It didn’t take much time to create this album of my walks and explorations throughout my year living in Busan, during which nostalgia and a fierce desire to return clashed with astonishment at having been back as long as six years […]

Down Under: A Month in Queensland, Australia [Photo Album]

A rocky shoreline at Noosa National Park, seen while travelling Down Under in Queensland.

It’s been five years since I went to Australia. I was there for a month (though I was meant to be there for six more). It’s incredible how time flies, and since I’ve never shared anything about my travels Down Under before, I thought posting a photo album of my trip would make up for it ;)(winky face). […]

Let’s Do Away With Maiden Names — We All Have Surnames, Right?

If married women have maiden names, what do single women have?

These days, it’s fairly common to come across married couples who don’t share the same family name. Modern society generally accepts a woman’s prerogative to choose her last name. Well, considering that anyone can change their name to anything they want at any time, that’s no surprise. But people often discuss this (potentially feminist) issue using the term […]

Season’s End Plant Life on Georgian Bay: Mushrooms, Berries, and Flowers [Photo Album]

Plant life around Killarney's lighthouse includes this cute little yellow mushroom.

On Labour Day, we made our way to Killarney for a day hike around the lighthouse area. Even though the season is already turning cold, this fact reinforced on that day due to light rain and heavy fog, there was still plenty of pretty plant life to observe and photograph. Some flowers are still blooming, some berry trees […]


Hiking Around Killarney’s Lighthouse

View of Killarney's lighthouse from a rocky beach on our return journey.

We’re always in a good mood when we head out to Killarney, and even though it was drizzling rain and really foggy the last time we went, we were still upbeat. We weren’t sure exactly what we’d be doing that day, but we knew we’d be spending at least some time hiking around Killarney’s lighthouse. We thought we […]

Meal Plans, Packing Lists, and Tips For Casual Backcountry Paddlers

Casual backcountry paddlers will love this easily accessible spot in French River.

I recently shared our hiking meal plans and packing lists, and I gave out some great packing tips, too. Since we go on the occasional short canoe trip as well, we have meal plans, packing lists, and packing tips for casual backcountry paddlers as well. In fact, since we’re always packed and ready to go, our paddling meal […]

Identify and Deal with Email Spam from Contacts

Email Security Usage Around the World (Infographic)

Email spam from people in your contacts list got you down these days? You’re not the only one. It seems there’s been a lot of it in the past week. And it keeps perpetuating itself because people trust the names in their contacts list, and therefore have no reason to suspect spam. But they should, as the infographic […]

Improving Parabola: 8 Simple Theme Tweaks

Screenshot of the Parabola WordPress theme.

Parabola by Cryout Creations is a pretty great theme right out of the box. It’s flexible, user-friendly, responsive, and stylish. I gush all about Parabola’s awesomeness in my Overview and Comparison of Three Free WordPress Themes: Atahualpa, Graphene, and Parabola. So clearly, improving Parabola certainly isn’t a must, but there are a few things this WordPress theme could […]

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