How to Make the Best Natural Bug Spray Recipe with Kombucha Vinegar

We bring our natural bug spray on every hiking and camping trip!

Every spring, we’re happy to see the sunshine return, for the days to lengthen, and the warmth to tempt us outdoors. But the first few months of the season can be tough to enjoy, when the bugs are out in full swing, bringing annoyance and discomfort. Of course there are some pretty powerful bug sprays out there, but […]

Day Hiking on the Etienne Trail at Samuel de Champlain Park

View from the bridge at the end of the Etienne Trail loop.

One of the places we like to return to is Samuel de Champlain Park, located between North Bay and Mattawa, because there are a lot of options for day hiking on the Etienne Trail. Four loops provide visitors with a variety of landscapes, distances, and difficulty levels. The first time we went to Samuel de Champlain Park, we […]

Hiking the Trails at Mississagi Park in a Long Weekend

Helenbar Trail scenery at Mississagi Park.

A few years ago, we went on a paddling and hiking combo trip to Mississagi Provincial Park, which got us really interested in exploring more of the area. So last May long weekend, we spent a few days hiking the trails at Mississagi Park. We chose a romantic backcountry beach campsite based at the northeastern tip of Semiwite […]

Day Hiking at Pretty River Valley and Nottawasaga Lookout

Lovely scenery while hiking at Pretty River Valley and Nottawasaga Lookout while exploring the Bruce Trail.

Last spring, we were tempted to head south for the chance at a snow-free day hike a few weeks earlier than in our own area. We were already planning to go on a backcountry gear shopping trip to Mountain Equipment Co-op in Barrie, which would only take a few hours, so this would be the perfect opportunity to […]


Winter Walking the Laurentian Escarpment Trails in North Bay

City scenery from the Laurentian Escarpment Trails in North Bay.

It’s a lot of fun going to different places to discover new trails. Most recently, we ventured out to North Bay so we could go winter walking the Laurentian Escarpment Trails. Part of a conservation area, there are perhaps seven or eight kilometres * of interconnecting non-motorized multi-use trails overlooking the city. We brought our snowshoes along with […]

Snowshoeing Along French River to Récollet Falls

A bit of snow covers the rocky riverside, the water surface still on this cold winter's day.

For us, visiting the area’s most famous historical site is an annual tradition, whether we’re hiking or snowshoeing along French River to Récollet Falls. The last time we went was a snowshoe trip on a sunny day that gave us a colourful perspective of the always beautiful scenery. Its trail head located just outside the French River Visitor […]

Snowshoe Hiking Mashkinonje Park’s Samoset Loop to Lapin Beach

A bay of Lake Nipissing seen from Lapin Beach.

Mashkinonje Provincial Park is one of my favourite places to hike, no matter the season. Most appealingly, there are over 30 kilometres of natural trails, accessible for free and usually not crowded. On our last trip snowshoe hiking Mashkinonje Park, we tackled the Samoset loop to Lapin Beach. The Samoset loop to Lapin Beach is approximately five kilometres […]

31 Scary Reasons Canadians Should Reject the Risky TPP

What's wrong with the risky TPP? Modified from "What Is Wrong With the Trans-Pacific Partnership" (Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons).

For years, Canadians have been hearing how the risky TPP trade deal was being negotiated in secret. The text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership was revealed late last year, but already, the Liberal government has agreed to sign on in early February. This, stressed International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, “essentially means Canada can keep its spot at the bargaining […]

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