Backcountry Gear Shopping in Toronto

Our new backcountry gear: two backpacks, dehydrated meals, organizer bags, microfiber towels, mosquito net, camp-sized salt and pepper shakers...

Every spring, we take inventory of our backcountry gear and stock up for the hiking and camping season. This year, we both needed new backpacks so we decided to take a road trip and do some backcountry gear shopping in Toronto. It’s important to try on a backpack for sizing and fit, and online descriptions are often incomplete […]

Barely Beaver Sighting

Close-up of a beaver poking it's head out of the water.

During our latest Mashkinonje day hike, we came upon a flooded dry meadow which we had to circumvent. Once back on the right track, we looked behind us to take pictures. As we were standing there, I heard a splash but didn’t see anything. I mentioned it to Marc and was surprised when he told me he hadn’t […]

Mashkinonje Day Hike: Racing the Spring Snow Melt

Atakas Trail during a Mashkinonje day hike..

Our first day hike of the season at Mashkinonje Provincial Park surprised us a little. We weren’t expecting so much snow in the forest! We had planned our route knowing the bush would be wet. So, we’d chosen to start our Mashkinonje day hike on higher ground and to return through the lowlands, which would hopefully give the […]

Hiking and Paddling Bucket List 2014

Bad River, French River Waterway Provincial Park

We put a lot of thought into our hiking and paddling bucket list this year. It’s been tough making decisions because we’ve been torn between seeing new trails and returning to parks we really love. So we decided to compromise. The 2014 hiking and paddling bucket list includes a lot of places we’ve been to before, though we’re […]


Reviewing Ontario’s Trails Strategy

Access to Atakas Trail from Coastal Trail, Mashkinonje Provincial Park

As a travel and trekking blogger based in Northern Ontario, the current review of the Ontario Trails Strategy is very important to me. I use trails year-long, mostly for hiking and backpacking, but also for walking, snowshoeing, and canoeing. Were paved trails available in the North to the extent they are in the South, I would dig out […]

Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park: 4 Day-Use Trails [Photo Album]

Dark cracks in the pink granite seem to move forward towards the pine-tree-lined shore of Georgian Bay.

We’re very lucky to have had the chance to spend one last day hiking in Killarney Provincial Park before having to trade in our hiking boots for snowshoes. This time, we chose to explore the park’s four day-use trails — we’d never hiked them and had heard they’re really nice though they’re shorter. Before we could get started […]

Hiking the La Cloche Silhouette Trail: Selection of Itineraries

Panoramic Killarney vista beneath an open sky.

I’ve been dreaming of the next time we’ll be hiking the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney. Another long weekend is coming up, the last of the season. We’re hoping to make something big of it, but that’ll all depend on the weather (I’m a wimp in the cold!). Still, we’re planning on ending up in Killarney Provincial […]

New French River Trails Should Post Usage Rules, Safety Guidelines

Pioneer Trail, one location where usage and safety rules should be posted, first leads to this spot on Lac Clair.

We’ve lately had the pleasure of taking a lovely walk to some of French River’s beauty spots on the new multi-use trail system, stopping off Mayer Road in Noëlville to access the Lac Barbotte Lookout via Pioneer Trail. While the scenery was inspiring, colourful leaves set against a clean blue autumn sky, our enjoyment of this peaceful setting […]

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