Packing Lists for Backcountry Hikers

Three packing lists for backcountry hikers: camping, hiking, and cooking.

We’ve learned a lot while making many adjustments to our packing lists for backcountry hikers over the years. I recently decided that since it took us so much trial and error finally to figure out how to properly plan and pack for a backcountry trip, I would share our meal plans and packing lists for hikers and casual […]

Meal Plans for Backcountry Hikers

Meal plans for backcountry hikers can include dehydrated meals, eggs, energy bars, tea, and oatmeal.

It took us a few years of trial and error before we finally felt comfortable with our go-to backpacking meal plans and packing lists. At first, we made the rookie mistake of bringing way too much heavier stuff on backcountry hiking trips. Later on, we realised that we could (and sometimes should) be bringing different foods on paddling […]

Day Hiking Hawk Ridge Trail at Halfway Lake Park

Rockly lake coastline along Hawk Ridge Trail.

We’d been wanting to visit Halfway Lake Provincial Park north of Sudbury for a few years now, but we somehow never managed to get there. We used to think that we’d go to Halfway Lake on a backpacking trip, but we realised this year that we were better off going for a day hike instead. So last weekend […]

Blooming Flowers [Photo Album]

Blooming pink flower at High Falls, Algonquin Park

The rainy spring this year didn’t dampen my spirits in the least. That’s impossible when it’s raining flowers! Or at least, when the rain brings blooming flowers… ;)(winky face). We’ve seen all kinds of wildflowers this year, most recently while backpacking Algonquin Park’s Eastern Pines Trail. And the garden’s looking good, too! There’s no way I’m done taking […]


Backpacking Algonquin Park’s Eastern Pines Trail to High Falls

The view from our campsite near High Falls on the Eastern Pines backpacking trail.

We’d had our eye on backpacking Algonquin Park’s Eastern Pines Trail for some time now, since it’s a short, easy loop that we could do in a regular weekend without difficulty. It’s also accessible by water, so we’d been considering it as a possible hike and paddle combo. Still, we never imagined we’d return to Algonquin in June, […]

Silver Peak Day Hike Route Suggestions

View across Silver Peak.

Planning a Silver Peak day hike is a fun way to spend some time in Killarney Provincial Park, without a doubt. What’s great about it is that there are tons of ways to do it. You can do your Silver Peak day hike on a day trip if that’s all the time you’ve got or the inclination for. […]

Loons and Other Wildlife Sightings in Killarney [Photo Album]

The last of the loons we saw that weekend...

During our recent canoe camping in Killarney expedition, we were lucky enough to spot several types of wildlife. Especially, we saw plenty of loons over the weekend. Fortunately, we got the opportunity to get real close and take some pretty nice pictures of them. Though it wasn’t the first loon we saw that weekend, the first loon we […]

Canoe Camping in Killarney

View from our campsite while canoe camping in Killarney.

-Bill Mason (Canoe Quotes) To launch this year’s camping season, we decided to tackle our longest paddle trip yet. Canoe camping in Killarney Provincial Park can be a challenge, we’ve heard, but we wanted to paddle in, do some day hiking, and then paddle out again — nothing too tough for our first big weekend of the year. […]

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