Fertilize It: Gardening With Worm Castings — Vermicomposting Update

As much as we love vermicomposting, we don’t have time to do a lot of gardening. We only have two potted plants at the moment (basil and parsley). Marc did some online research and found that they only need a few tablespoons of worm castings every few months. Yep, this stuff’s that good!

Sprouts growing out of our worm castings in our vermicomposting bin.
It looked like we had a garden in our vermicomposting bin a few months ago. Just look at those sprouts reaching for light!

So, area gardeners can now take advantage of our busy schedules to take some worm castings off our hands. We’ve only got a few pounds available for now. Each two-pound bag is $5, and we’ve only got 6 bags in total.

More will be coming soon — it’s nearly time to migrate our worms again! We don’t expect ever to have a steady supply available, but we’ll always be glad to announce it when we’ve got fresh stock up for grabs.

Worm castings
You can see some eggshells that didn’t get crushed up enough mixed in with the castings, but no worries — that will just add calcium to the garden!

Contact me if you want some!


Although we’ve had a few inquiries regarding our extra worm castings, we really don’t have that much, so if we do have any to spare, we’ve decided that we’ll be donating it to the community garden (smiley face).