Ultimate Ontario Trekking Bucket List — Hiking and Paddling Dreams

This is my ultimate Ontario Trekking Bucket List — it showcases all the trails and routes that keep me lying awake at night. These are all overnight camping trips. Some are pure hiking trips, others are canoe trips. And some are even combo trips.
My Ultimate Ontario Trekking Bucket List includes this site on Faya Lake along Algonquin Provincial Park's Highland Trail.
Faya Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

No day hikes or paddling trips here, though; check those out over on my Ultimate Ontario Day Trips Bucket List.

Even though I usually research online for new trails to try, one of my favourite go-to resources is Hiking in Ontario by Ulysses. This book lists so many different types of trips and trails, it’s usually pretty easy to find something of interest by leafing through the pages. Of course, I also search the Ontario Parks website, and I might try a general web search if I still can’t find anything suitable. What are your favourite resources for finding out about new or different trips and trails? Don’t be shy — leave a comment below with your suggestions (smiley face).

And if you’re planning a backcountry trip, then you might want to take a look at my series on Backcountry Meal Plans, Packing Lists, and Tips for Hikers and Casual Paddlers.

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Ontario Trekking Bucket List Legend

NB: The legend has been modified to be more user-friendly.

The spots on my ultimate Ontario Trekking Bucket List aren’t ranked in any particular order, though I’ve indicated which ones I’ve done, loved, would like to do again, etc.

  • The ones I haven’t tried that really turn my crank: Heart.
  • The ones I’ve done already: Check.
  • The ones I’ve only partially done: Half Star.
  • The ones I’ve done more than once: Plus.
  • The ones I’ve just gotta do again: Flag.
    But if it’s not flagged, that doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t do it again, just that I don’t absolutely have to from the depths of my soul.

So take a look at my Ontario Trekking Bucket List below, then scroll down and leave a comment to let me know what’s on yours! Also, please let me know in the comments section below if this list was somehow useful to you.

Hiking Trips Trekking Bucket List

  • La Cloche Silhouette Trail, Killarney Provincial Park Check. Plus. Flag.
  • Height of Land Trail, Wakami Provincial Park Half Star. Flag.
  • Papase Trail to Five Finger Rapids, Dokis First Nation, French River Check. Plus.
  • Coastal Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park Heart.
  • Coastal Trail, Pukaskwa National Park Heart.
  • Bush hiking to the peak of Ishpatina Ridge
  • Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail, Temagami area Half Star. Plus. Flag.
  • Towab Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park Check.
  • Kabeyun Trail, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Heart.
  • Highland Backpacking Trail, Algonquin Provincial Park Half Star.
  • Western Uplands Trail, Algonquin Provincial Park Half Star.
  • Eastern Pines Trail, Algonquin Provincial Park Check.
  • Semiwite Lake and McKenzie Interior Trails, Mississagi Provincial Park Half Star. Plus.
  • Voyager Trail, Rainbow Falls Provincial Park
  • Ganaraska Trail, Port Hope to Collingwood
  • Voyageur Trail, Manitoulin Island to Sault Ste. Marie
  • Bruce Trail, Niagara to Tobermory Half Star.
  • Heaven’s Gate Trail, Willisville to Massey Heart.
  • Georgian Bay Coast Trail Half Star. Flag.
Check out Hiking the La Cloche Silhouette Trail: Selection of Itineraries to make the most of this spectacular trip!

Paddling Trips Trekking Bucket List

  • Missinaibi River to James Bay
  • The Massassauga Provincial Park
  • Rushing River Provincial Park
  • French River Provincial Park
  • Spanish River Provincial Park
  • Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
  • Wabakimi Provincial Park
  • Sturgeon River Provincial Park

Hiking and Paddling Combo Trips Trekking Bucket List

  • Silver Peak, Killarney Provincial Park Check. Flag.
  • Obabika Lake to the Wakimika Old Growth Trails, Temagami area Heart.
  • Height of Land hike and paddle combo, Wakami Provincial Park Half Star.
  • Finding Carmichael’s Rock on Grace Lake, Killarney Provincial Park Heart.
  • Mowat Landing to Maple Mountain, Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park Heart.
  • Trapper’s Trail to Lulu Lake, Esker Lakes Provincial Park Check.
  • Thousand Islands National Park
  • Papase Trail and French River return loop, Dokis First Nation Half Star. Flag.

Still want more? Check out my seasonal bucket lists, and the results in my trek reports.

Happy trails!

Ontario Trekking Bucket List Check-Offs

If you’d like to learn more about the places I’ve already been to, take a look at these articles:

Grand Campment-Nagle Loop: 2 Days on the OTHT

View of Nagle Bay from the OTHT. The Grand Campment-Nagle loop is a hilly and challenging 20-kilometre portion of the 135-kilometre linear Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail.

Weekend Hike to Five Finger Rapids on the French River

Fantastic scenery while on a weekend hike to Five Finger Rapids, French River. Few know that hikers can go backpacking Papase Trail at Dokis First Nation, a 21-28 km return weekend hike to Five Finger Rapids on the French River.

Backpacking Algonquin Park's Eastern Pines Trail to High Falls

The view from our campsite near High Falls on the Eastern Pines backpacking trail. Backpacking the Algonquin Park Eastern Pines Trail is a short easy loop that can be hiked in a weekend, or access it by water for a hike & paddle combo trip

Canoe Camping in Killarney

View from our campsite while canoe camping in Killarney. Canoe camping in Killarney can be a challenge, but we just paddled in to and out from our site on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail for a Silver Peak day hike.

Backcountry Tripping in Mississagi Provincial Park

A spectacular view of the Brush Lakes from Bear Mountain in Mississagi Provincial Park. Days before leaving, we had cancelled our plans to go backcountry tripping in Mississagi Provincial Park, and so we're really glad we had a second chance!

Hiking Along the French River on Dokis First Nation's Papase Trail

A silvery piece of deadwood juts out towards a small lake along Dokis First Nation's Papase Trail. Hiking along the French River on the Dokis First Nation Papase Trail seemed like the perfect option Canada Day weekend since we got to enjoy the powwow too.

Trekking Killarney's La Cloche Silhouette Loop Trail

A beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, the typical scenery of trekking Killarney's La Cloche Silhouette loop trail. Gotta love trekking Killarney's La Cloche Silhouette loop trail. My partner, dogs & I have come out of it talking about nothing but *the next time* since!

Hiking Up Rib Mountain on the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail

Hiking up Rib Mountain provides plenty of beautiful scenery like this view looking down on Cliff Lake. Near Temagami, the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail follows First Nations trails. We'd seen billboards and decided hiking up Rib Mountain was our best bet.

Wakami Provincial Park Backcountry Trip

Every Wakami Provincial Park backcountry trip has to include some hiking to lookouts with great views such as this one. It wasnt supposed to be a Wakami Provincial Park backcountry trip but we were rejected by park wardens fearful of forest fires and evacuation notices nearby

March for Merazonia: The La Cloche Silhouette Trek

Scenic landscape view of the tree-dotted white quartzite cliffs of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail during the March for Merazonia. I was on a day hike in Killarney Provincial Park when the idea struck for the March for Merazonia. The weather was beautiful. Inspired, I thought "Why not?"