Meaningful Brand Icons From Unique Tattoos

Niackery Elements logo — Design by Julie @Niackery, with modifications by Tia Tanguay

My attachment to my tattoos goes more than skin deep. Using them as brand icons isn’t something I planned, but I’m sure happy with how things have turned out! I’ve been using my Eco-Footprint tattoo as my brand icon for almost five years now, and it’s always served me well, ever since it was designed for me and […]

Cracking into Fresh Eggs: Going Local

Fresh eggs

Deep in Peru’s Amazon Basin, a hacienda nestles in the rainforest along the shores of the Tambopata River. A covered walkway leads to outer buildings, then transforms into a narrow footpath leading past a banana field, lemon trees, and a vegetable and herb garden. The path ends at an enclosure which engulfs and fences an unseen part of […]

Memories of a Carnivore: A Vegetarian in Korea

Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically, by Julie Dupuis.

While I was in Korea, I wrote most of a book. I had to sit on it, go back to it, let it go through its process (which took a lot longer than most of the writing did). At the time, I didn’t know it was a book. I suspected it might be, but I never dreamed that […]

Hiatus on Titicaca: Rowing Across

Magnificent lake scenery during a hiatus on Titicaca.

Get back to Cuzco late on a Sunday night after hiking el Camino Inca to Machu Picchu. Find out Monday that I have nearly a week to kill before my eighteen-hour bus ride into the jungle. Up at 4:00 on Tuesday morning to catch a beaten-up old bus to Puno at 5:30. Sleep most of the way. My […]

Hair Cares in Ecuador and Peru: Take It All Off!

A short-haired young woman with no hair cares smiles proudly in the bell tower of the Monestario de Santa Catalina in Quito, Ecuador.

Familiarity. Confidence. Sometimes you have to let go. Now try incompatibility and uncertainty. Transitions aren’t always easy. That’s what I told myself when I decided to crop my hair shoooort before travelling sola to Ecuador and Peru for three months. The locks fell away and I was smitten. Why did I ever have long hair? External self-discovery before […]

March for Merazonia: The La Cloche Silhouette Trek

Scenic landscape view of the tree-dotted white quartzite cliffs of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail during the March for Merazonia.

I was out on a day hike in Killarney Provincial Park, located on the shores of Georgian Bay between Parry Sound and Sudbury, Ontario, when the idea struck for the March for Merazonia. It was early May, the weather was beautiful, the northern verdure was blooming and blossoming in every direction, and I was inspired. I thought to […]

Building a Future for Ecuador’s Fauna at Merazonia

I took this photo of the Rio Pastaza just outside of Mera on our way back from Merazonia one day after working hard building a future for Ecuador's fauna.

Imagine zooming along winding mountain roads in a rickety old bus, feasting your eyes on the changing scenery heading south from Quito, insatiable. Imagine chatting away with an amicable Ecuadorian who points out various sights: a famous waterfall, a deep ravine, a bridge off which to bungee jump, a good discoteca, his own restaurant. Imagine being dropped off […]

Returning Home From South America

A plane seen in the air.

I finally faced returning home from South America. I’m back in Canada. I’m so sad! Why am I not still in South America? Why did I buy a return ticket? The flights to Houston and Toronto were comfortable. In Houston, I changed my soles into American dollars to buy some lunch. I had lots of money when I […]

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