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Lacing Up Hiking Boots Video

Lacing Up Hiking Boots Video Transcript

Going out for a walk today — a hike in the woods — and I’d like to share a few tips on properly lacing up hiking boots.

So, of course, you’re gonna wanna just start by tightening up your boots to however you’re comfortable.

Here’s the first tip. This’ll help you just keep the laces tight without constantly having to exert pressure. Just make a first knot — a nice, simple, single knot.

Then, this tip here is to help with stability and also, not having too much pressure on your ankles, so that your ankles don’t get sore. So instead of starting to loop right from the bottom, you’re gonna go all the way up, loop all the way up to the top, cross over, and loop going downwards. So, that gives ankle support without exerting too much pressure. When you loop upwards, there’s a lot of pressure on the ankles, especially on those little bumps on the side, and it can hurt.

So now, the next tip. This here you do one knot, and to help keep your laces in place and everything nice and solid, you loop it again, and again, so you’ve actually done three knots. Make your bow, and do it three times to make sure your laces don’t come undone and you don’t have to spend all day bending over every time your laces get undone.

And this is a cute little tip. Just stick your laces under the elastic [of your pant leg] to keep them out of branches. And you can also tuck your pants right in the back tab [of your boots] to keep them out of the mud.

And we’ll show you that again just real quick just to make sure.

So tighten until you’re comfortable.

One single knot to keep your laces tight without having to work too hard at it.

And as you can see, my laces are frayed, so here’s an extra tip. Always carry a spare pair of laces when you’re hiking. That way, if they break, your day’s not ruined.

So we’re lacing — we’re looping — from the top downwards.

Then we do first one knot. Leave a little space to give yourself room to go around with the laces one more time on each side, and then tighten.

We’ll do three bows and tuck it all in.

And there you have it. Have a great hike!

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  1. Very interesting Julie. I am the worse guy when it comes to tieing up boots.

    1. Thanks, Ken! I hope these tips will have been useful to you! (smiley face)