Bus Ride From Lima to Cusco — A Travel Tale

Well, the bus ride from Lima to Cusco was much better than the one from Piura to Lima. The scenery was all desert. Along the coast, more desert, with frothing waves breaking upon the beach and huge rock formations dotting the shoreline.

Eventually, we rejoined the mountains, but that was after sunset.

Sunset! Surreal. Hazy mountains in the distance, the sky a bright blue melting with pink clouds.

I’m so glad I splurged a little on this bus ride from Lima to Cusco! I had a seat to myself, which was much more comfortable. Plus, there were great leg rests that folded diagonally from the bottom of the seat before me to the top of my seat, solving the problem of aching knees.

Bonus: we unexpectedly stopped twice, once after about eight hours, and then another six hours later.

Very strange, though. Despite having a bathroom on the bus, everyone got off at these stops to pee. The men barely went a few feet passed the door of the bus, while the women penetrated the darkness beyond. Quite an experience, smoking surrounded by the sound of tinkling!

Now I’m in Cusco and today will be devoted to preparing for my Inca Trail to Machu Picchu trek tomorrow!

Update: It breaks my heart — I lost the disposable camera with any pictures I took on this bus ride (frowny face).