March for Merazonia: The La Cloche Silhouette Trek

Scenic landscape view of the tree-dotted white quartzite cliffs of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail during the March for Merazonia.

I was out on a day hike in Killarney Provincial Park, located on the shores of Georgian Bay between Parry Sound and Sudbury, Ontario, when the idea struck for the March for Merazonia. It was early May, the weather was beautiful, the northern verdure was blooming and blossoming in every direction, and I was inspired. I thought to […]

Building a Future for Ecuador’s Fauna at Merazonia

I took this photo of the Rio Pastaza just outside of Mera on our way back from Merazonia one day after working hard building a future for Ecuador's fauna.

Imagine zooming along winding mountain roads in a rickety old bus, feasting your eyes on the changing scenery heading south from Quito, insatiable. Imagine chatting away with an amicable Ecuadorian who points out various sights: a famous waterfall, a deep ravine, a bridge off which to bungee jump, a good discoteca, his own restaurant. Imagine being dropped off […]

Returning Home From South America

A plane seen in the air.

I finally faced returning home from South America. I’m back in Canada. I’m so sad! Why am I not still in South America? Why did I buy a return ticket? The flights to Houston and Toronto were comfortable. In Houston, I changed my soles into American dollars to buy some lunch. I had lots of money when I […]

A Few Days in Lima: Sights, Walks, and Family Meet-Ups

All I had were a few days in Lima, but I did walk along this very seaside stretch!

I only spent a few days in Lima, two to be precise, and they were both pretty good. I met up with Percy on Sunday night and he showed me a few of the districts of Lima, as well as the beach and the Pacific Ocean. We next spent about an hour with his cousin’s family. Angela, a […]

Bus Ride From Puerto Maldonado to Cusco

The view of the area surrounding Puerto Maldonado was very similar to the views on the earlier part of the bus ride from Puerto Maldonado to Cusco.

I left Puerto on Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock. The bus ride from Puerto Maldonado to Cusco was supposed to last 18 hours, but we were stopped a few times: once because the road was flooded, once because a bus ahead of us had mechanical problems in a flooded area, and once because I-don’t-know-why. Even though it’s only […]

Playing With a Monkey in Puerto Maldonado

Jungle-themed city scenery.

Playing with a monkey in Puerto Maldonado was probably the highlight of the time I spent there. I didn’t do much at all, but I did go to a campfire party in honour of the full moon with some artesano friends, which was cool. And I visited a zoo, where again I didn’t think the animals were well-kept […]

Tambopata to Puerto Maldonado

Senovia in the peki peki on the way down the Tambopata to Puerto Maldonado.

The day I took the Rio Tambopata to Puerto Maldonado did not start off well. In fact, if I moved to Picaflor, I’d have to evict Pico. He left before I did this morning. With no idea where he was, I was ticked off. On Tuesday, the taxi-boat drove right by and we had to chase it down […]

Last Day at Picaflor Research Centre

Sunrise over the Tambopata River on my last day at Picaflor.

Today’s my last day at Picaflor Research Centre. Oh, no! I woke before the sun was up and went down to the river to watch the sunrise. It was so calm and beautiful, it was hard to stop watching. But it was my last chance to be in the jungle at dawn, so I pulled myself away. I […]

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