Last Day at Picaflor Research Centre — Wildlife Sightings

Today’s my last day at Picaflor Research Centre. Oh, no!

Sunrise over the Tambopata River on my last day at Picaflor.

I woke before the sun was up and went down to the river to watch the sunrise. It was so calm and beautiful, it was hard to stop watching. But it was my last chance to be in the jungle at dawn, so I pulled myself away.

I went off alone on my last dawn hike in the jungle, hoping against all odds to spot a sloth.

Not a chance, but I did see a herd of brown capuchins. They were in a clump of trees overhanging low over the trail and I could see them perfectly. They didn’t appreciate my presence, though, so I moved on when they started to scream at me.

That’s all I spotted in the jungle, so I made my way back. But happily, being “at home” at Picaflor brings it own kind of wildlife sightings!

So later on, I saw an Amazon whiptail through the walls of the house and I was able to spy on it for some time, watching it forage through dead leaves. They usually scarper off at the slightest sound, so this was a really nice way to observe its behaviour without being seen or heard.

While thus engrossed, the whiptail stopped to listen — I thought it had heard my breathing until I followed its gaze and saw a huge brown (slash) black lizard, probably the same one I’d seen before since it was in the same spot. I got a much better look this time but I still can’t identify it (frowny face).

Not a bad little list of wildlife sightings for my last day at Picaflor! Still, I’m so sad to be leaving tomorrow! Can’t I move here?