Pet Woes: Lost and Ticked Off

Dogs and cats chilling in the dining room.

About a month ago, Marc and I hiked Killarney’s La Cloche Silhouette loop trail, but not without some consequences to our pets. We have two cats, Grooby-doo and Currdles, and two black labs, Fetcher and Maggie. This trip affected one of each, and although Fetcher is fine now, I can’t say the same for Currdles :((frowny face). Oh, […]

Backyard Residents: Owl Family

Mother owl staring directly at me, perched in a tree in a my backyard.

We kept hearing a hooting owl every time we went out back to feed the chickens. One day I decided to follow the sound into the forest, first going back for my camera. I told my dad what I was up to and he decided to come, too. We didn’t get very far at all before seeing the […]

“Saving” a Snapping Turtle

Close-up of a huge snapping turtle.

We always stop to take turtles off the road when we see them (so long as it’s safe road-wise). Usually it’s just a matter of taking the turtle to a grassy area beyond the shoulder, in the same direction it was heading. But this time, when we saw the size of the snapping turtle trying to cross Wolseley […]

Walking For Wildlife

Wetland scenery from Martin Pond seen while walking for wildlife in Mashkinonje Provincial Park.

In honour of National Wildlife Week April 10-16, I joined the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Walk for Wildlife from April 10 until May 22, the International Day of Biodiversity. My goal was to walk a minimum of 50km kilometres and raise $500 or more for Canadian wildlife. To kick off the event, I hiked 10km kilometres in Mashkinonje Provincial […]

Water Snake

Water snake poking its head out of the water.

I saw this water snake while hiking at Pine Creek in West Arm. It wasn’t in a lake or pond or anything — the water snake was just hanging out in a big puddle on a quad trail… This is a pretty cool shot, what with the water snake’s head poking out of the water…

Jirisan Wetland Eco-Tour: Photo Journal of a Korea Wetland Keeper

The scenery was spectacular while driving around the national park during our Jirisan wetland eco-tour.

Back in May, I had been on a three-day trek in Jirisan National Park, but now I was excited to access more restricted areas of the park and to learn about its ecology. I would be spending the weekend on an eco-tour as a volunteer with the Korea Wetland Project. Day 1 I met my travel companions, Won-ho […]

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