Rescuing Baby Squirrels

Baby squirrel suckling from a dropper.

Found three abandoned baby squirrels in a nest, one already stiff and cold! So I rescued the other two… One suffered from dehydration (on the left above — notice how the skin is a bit wrinkly), and only made it a week and a half :((frowny face). Was able to rehabilitate the last one before releasing it into […]


Young moose

Sighted off the roadside near Noëlville… For a couple of really great moose stories, read — and learn why I think eating wild meat is ethical, too!

Playing With a Monkey in Puerto Maldonado

Jungle-themed city scenery.

Playing with a monkey in Puerto Maldonado was probably the highlight of the time I spent there. I didn’t do much at all, but I did go to a campfire party in honour of the full moon with some artesano friends, which was cool. And I visited a zoo, where again I didn’t think the animals were well-kept […]

Wildlife Sightings Round-Up from Picaflor

This wildlife sightings round-up from Picaflor Research Centre includes a tiny lizard, here seen in the corner of the shower.

Time for another wildlife sightings round-up from Picaflor! Here are a few tales about the animals I’ve seen in the jungle and around the hacienda lately. Pico and I went for a swim yesterday. On our way to the quebrada, we sighted a red-and-green macaw. On our way back, I saw what might have been an olive tree […]

Sleeping With Tarantulas at Picaflor Research Centre

This spider may or may not be similar to the time when I was sleeping with tarantulas at Picaflor.

Sleeping with tarantulas at Picaflor wasn’t exactly on my itinerary, but in a way, I guess it was meant to be… Johanna discovered a tarantula on the ceiling of her bedroom one morning, but it was her time to leave and she was packing. I went down to the river with Johanna to wait for her boat. While […]

Wildlife Tales From Picaflor Research Centre

Wildlife tales from Picaflor aren't complete without a capybara such as this Ron look-alike.

I’ve got a few wildlife tales from Picaflor I haven’t told yet, so I’ve collected them here… Capybara One day while Elissa and Joel were here, Ron the capybara was trying to play with me while we were pumping water. He took a tiny little nibble just below my right knee, but he shouldn’t be faulted. He’s just […]

Oxbow Lake on the Tambopata Reserve: A Snake Tale

Visiting an oxbow lake on the Tambopata Reserve by canoe

On Tuesday, Pico brought us visiting an oxbow lake on the Tambopata Reserve. Nearby, the University of Lima maintains a research centre where its biology students can stay to do field work. We took Pico’s boat — it’s got a 50-horsepower Johnson, so even though it may look like a pekipeki, it’s much more powerful. By the way, […]

Pacas at Picaflor Research Centre: Seen in the Dark

Pacas at Picaflor look very much like these.

“Julia, viene.” “Si, Pico.” Being used to Pico’s orders by now, and orders they are, I got up from the chair I was curled up in, reading, and followed Pico to the main steps of Picaflor Research Centre, noticing through the screen windows of the library that he held a flashlight in his hand. “Tus zapatos.” My shoes. […]

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