Wildlife Sightings at Picaflor Research Centre

Sunrise over the Tambopata River before a dawn hike, hoping for wildlife sightings at Picaflor Research Centre.

We’ve lately had quite a lot of wildlife sightings here at Picaflor Research Centre (smiley face). While we were in the kitchen baking the other day, we noticed tree branches moving outside and soon saw monkeys playing nearby! We watched them for about 20 minutes, until we couldn’t see them anymore, then returned to our work. The next […]

Last Work Days at Merazonia and a Zoo in Shell

The kitchen building at Merazonia, with a wooden picnic table outside.

Work’s been pretty relaxed this week during my last work days at Merazonia, so I really can’t understand why I’ve got this blasted cold. Well, in any case, I now know that I’d rather paint three coats in a whole room with drywall than paint one coat on a small cement holding tank. For toilets, no less! I […]

Secret Trilliums: A Wild Backyard Bush Garden in French River

Fungus growing on a tree trunk

May long weekend, my brother and I went bushing (it really can’t be called hiking) on my parents’ property in the French River area. I loaded my pack for trek training, weighing in at 40 lbs., and we set off through the dense Northern Ontario underbrush. My brother taught me how to use a compass and guide myself […]

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