Down Time in Cuenca — A Travel Tale

Brandon and I left Baños at about six yesterday morning. The bus ride to Cuenca took all day — we only got into the city around dinnertime.

We planned nothing more for our brief stay than a bit of down time in Cuenca, so after supper, we headed to a café for a game of cribbage over hot chocolate and brownies. Exhausted, I hit the hay pretty early last night.

Problem: couldn’t sleep passed six-thirty this morning!

Sitting by the river for some down time in Cuenca.

Didn’t do much today. Sat on the grassy banks of the Rio Tomebamba to read and write, then found a great book exchange.

I also attempted to visit an orquideario (an orchid garden) which is listed in my guidebook, South America on a Shoestring by Lonely Planet.

But after hours and hours and hours of walking the streets of Cuenca, I never managed to find it…

Though I saw some lovely city scenery, talked to many people who had no clue about the orquideario, and got to see a suburban part of Cuenca. All was not lost!