by Marc Desrochers Captain Stu Macintosh was a special ops commando approached by the CIA to conduct a secret mission involving a mystery weapon. That was all the information given by Special Agent Charlie Sampson, a thirty-year veteran at the agency. Upon his arrival at Langley headquarters, Stu spotted the director inside the entrance. He entered the building. […]

Orion’s Rigel

Depiction of Orion as warrior

by Daniel Poirier “Hey Jess, there’s your star.” I was pointing southwardly up the night sky. “Which one is it again, Al?” “Follow my finger, Jess.” I extended my arm next to his left cheek. “See the three small stars banded together? Well, Rigel — your star — is the bright one just below those.” “Oh yeah, I […]

A Short Moment of Peace

Sugar bush scene

by Annie Hébert It is early spring; my husband and I are at the bush camp, or what we French Canadians fondly refer to as la cabane à sucre, or “sugar shack.” Today is one of those glorious late March spring days where the mercury will likely climb to 9 or 10° degrees Celsius. The snow is melting […]

FPQ Complete Collection 1 and Memories of a Carnivore

FPQ Complete Collection 1 (2011)

Following the release of the stand-alone e-book and the mini-collection Found Press Quarterly 2 last spring, Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically is now also available as part of FP Complete Collection 1: 2011, an amazing sixteen-story collection! This e-book download includes short stories by Caroline Adderson, Meghan Rose Allen, Jack Bootle, Cynthia Flood, Andrew Forbes, […]


Childhood Home(s)town

A home.

Nervousness and excitement and curiosity and a lust for adventure. Those are the emotions I remember feeling. And I remember why. I was going to have a baby sister, so we were moving from our apartment on Barrydowne Road and we were going to live in a house with ghosts. Murder-suicide. White siding. The small round kitchen table […]

FPQ2 and Memories of a Carnivore

FPQ 2 — Spring 2011

Besides being a stand-alone single, my new e-book, Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically, is also available as part of FPQ2: Spring 2011, a great four-piece collection! With short stories by Don McLellan, Meghan Rose Allen, Jack Bootle, and yours truly, Julie Dupuis, this e-book download is a steal at only $5.99. Found Press Quarterly 2: […]

Chow Chase

Bowl of trail mix

Light popcorn? Trail mix? I’m not even hungry, so no point wasting all that popcorn… Once in her room, she settles into her desk chair, unsuccessfully ignoring the crunch, smunch, grunch, crack the trail mix makes in her ear. She sighs in restless exasperation. Come on! What’s taking so long? She shakes her head, looks out the window. […]